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There are a lot of media sites out there where you can get your movie fix. Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and even Hulu there's no shortage of website to go for your streaming needs. There is one website, however, that's has me really excited that is definitely worth looking into.

"We Are Colony" is currently in beta according to its banner and is a UK based streaming platform that is definitely geared towards movie fanatics.

The website features a very clean interface.
The website features a very clean interface.
We Are Colony gives you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to great films, award-winning filmmakers and your favourite actors. Watch films and explore deleted scenes, documentaries, interviews with cast and crew, scripts, storyboards and more. -

There's no subscription service. Much like Youtube, you can pay to rent or buy the movies on their catalog. However, it's not just the movie that you get access to. You get access to a bevy of behind the scenes materials, documentaries, and even scripts. Right now, their selection is pretty small but a majority of them are exclusive to the site including the short film Emily starring Felicity Jones of which I am watching on account of my undying love for Felicity Jones.

Movie and special features included.
Movie and special features included.

I'm very new to the nerding out about movies scene but I'm pretty sure there are very few (if any) sites out there that offer this much bonus material ready to stream. If you love movies, you absolutely need to check out this site. Links down below.

Happy movie watching, Internet!


What's your favorite movie streaming site?


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