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The Foreign Service has rolled off its sleeves this time in London to prevent a major terrorist attack looming large over the city of New York. But, is the city in safe hands when the most important officer on mission is falsely charged for crimes? This James McTeigue direction is a spy thriller movie made in 2015. The 96 minutes’ movie stars Pierce Brosnan, Milla Jovovich and Dylan McDermott in the lead roles.

The Gripping Plot

Kate Abbott (played by Milla Jovovich) is one such American Embassy employee working in London who was hired to do national service after many of her friends lost their lives in 9/11. While she is on her way to implement more stringent applications for visa to track the potential terrorist suspects, many of her team members are killed out of nowhere.

Story Unfolds

As the only survivor left, Kate begins an investigation with the help of her fellow employee, Sam Parker (Dylan McDermott) to trace the roots of the perpetrator, the watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan) who is popular for his precision of work and who killed her peers. The subsequent attempts to search for the truth behind the explosion lead her to reveal that her superior, Bill Talbot (Robert Forster) was blackmailed to float certain visa applications in return of his abducted son.

A Spy Thriller

Her further efforts lead her to discover a plan of detonating a bomb in the heart of the New York City on the eve of New Year. But the story takes an unexpected turn when she is accused of the crime herself. To prove her innocence, Kate decides to sneak into the Embassy where she creates false passports to follow the antagonist till New York through Sam’s help.

Surviving Protagonist

Watch the female protagonist chase a lethal bomb detonator till Times Square to save the New York City from his wrath. Discover the fate of the nation sealed in a bomb that may be triggered any time by Nash The Watchmaker. Will the city be able to survive the attempts of a terrorist attack? Will the culprit be nabbed by the protectors of law?

Much-Awaited Climax

Tune into the latest release, Survivor that premieres this September only on HBO India. Look for the brave Foreign Service Officer struggle to evade an arrest for a crime she did not indulge herself into and watch her escape the death at the hands of a ruthless assassin who is on the move. Watch how the American security expert entangled in a mass killing attempts, is able to prevent a massive terror plot.


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