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Do you like watching films that deeply impact the viewer, even after the camera stops rolling but hate how much gore is in most of the suggested titles? Then this is for you.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is definitely the least gory on the list. In fact, I don't think there's any blood at all. Gilbert Grape is a young man who has to take on a lot more responsibility than he should. He has an extremely obese mother to take care of, sisters and his mentally handicapped brother, Arnie, who always seems to land himself in a lot of trouble in the public eye. His ongoing affair with a local woman seems to be his only stress release. A very unique and fun loving young woman comes to town and helps him realize what he needs to do, for both he and Arnie.

With amazing actors in the film you know it will be good from the start. Johnny Depp truly captures the stress, guilt and constant mental battle in Gilbert's head. Arnie is played by Leonardo DiCaprio and I can say that I'm still amazed at how convincing he was in his role. The movie has it's ups and downs and really captures the struggle for families who have similar situations. I can't begin to imagine what it used to be like for families, friends and mentally handicapped children. It goes to show we have progressed a lot with our understanding and techniques for helping sufferers, but it also reminds us we still have a long way to go.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas is a relatively well known film. It takes place during World War II when Bruno has to move with his family near a concentration camp due to his father's new role as the commandant. At 8 years old, Bruno doesn't understand the intensity of the situation or even what's happening at all. Lonely and adventurous he sets out to wander behind the house and in the woods. He meets Shmuel who happens to be the same age as he is. They form a close friendship even though they're separated by a barbed wire fence.

Bruno doesn't understand why Shmuel can't leave and he doesn't understand that what he's taught the camp is like is completely unrealistic. Unbenounced to him, his friendship will change his life forever. This film captures both the innocence of children and the audacity human civilization subjects them to. It's an amazing film and very well done but it is one that will stay with you.

Gardens of the Night is about two young children who are kidnapped and subjected to psychological and sexual abuse. Once older they're released and forced to cope with the trauma they've endured over the years. Turning to drugs and prostitution they look out for each other having formed an incredibly close bond.

This film will impact you in ways you can't prepare for. It gives good insight into what these children would feel and what happens even after the trauma ends. It shows us how easily kids are manipulated and impacted and will definitely make any parents want to keep a close eye on their children. It's a very good movie to watch but isn't highly suggested if you think it may trigger any past trauma.

An American Crime is one of my favorite movies. Fans of Ellen Page will find her performance in this brilliant. Sylvia is a young woman who's parents pay a divorced mother of several children, Gertrude, to take care of her and her sister while they travel for work. Gertrude's daughter is a trouble maker and manages to get Sylvia in trouble for most of her wrong doings. Gertrude then imprisons Sylvia in the basement and tortures her.

This film has mild gore but is nothing like the films you're used to seeing. An American Crime is based on the true story of Sylvia Likens. The events took place in Indianapolis under the care of housewife Gertrude Baniszewski. It was an unfortunate event and opens your eyes to how little we know about the people around us, our neighbors, our friends, our children and even the people we trust to care for our children.


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