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Name the first old school (pre Playstation) game that ruined countless controllers and television sets. Here is mine.

Final Fantasy 3 (Final Fantasy 6 GBA/ DS)

A game that revived the Final Fantasy franchise after Final Fantasy 5 was thought to have bridged the then known limits of gaming. It asks the simple but very deadly question "What happens when a mortal who never should have learned Magitek becomes a God?"

Ever since I was a child long ago Kefka has been my personal Final Fantasy nemesis. If I ever go fully insane, he will have been my villainous gaming rolemodel in the Final Fantasy family.

Anyone you know of who has defeated him first has had to seek therapy to rid their memory of his hideous laughter. Then there is how he acts. He easily can give every tyrant and dictator in gaming history lessons in Machiavelli for the purpose of becoming the deadliest mortal to deity force in the universe.

His clothing is absolutely psychedelic and I personally blame him for being blind legally in my right eye despite medical conditions saying otherwise. Even The Joker and Ronald McDonald agree he is purely crazy and yes Pennyface the Clown he copied your clothing and made it even scarier.

His Magitek even before he became a God was no laughing matter (pun humorously and cruelly intended) but after he became a God, the planet became his personal playground.

To defeat this madman who refuses to believe in concepts of life, only the surviving members of every single family he has taken members from previously in the game must fully band together to destroy him. (Though you never see Gau's parents dying I would not put it past him to have killed them then left him to die in the savage wilderness he is first encountered in.)


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