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First things first:

I am a HUGE Batman fanatic and he is by far my favorite DC superhero.
And with Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice on the way the ages old discussion rises once again:

Can Batman beat superman in a 1 on 1 fight.

First of let me explain the question.
People wonder if Batman is able to fight and defeat Superman in a 1 on 1 fight,
That means no help allowed no help from outsiders like Robin or Catwomen etc.

Can Batman beat the Man of Steel??

I strongly disagree.
Even though i am a huge Batfan if i am completely honest and use my common sense i have to admit that Batman can NOT beat supes in a mano e mano fight.
(Offcourse Batman prep time included :) )
And before you start barking YES i know Batman has a kryptonite ring to "Stop" Superman if he ever went rogue


He's just human. Batman is simply no where near Superman's level in strength, speed, or anything else.
No matter how much prep he has he can't stop Superman.
He would be dead or knocked out of the fight before he even gets chance to do some damage.

Now a lot of Batfans immediately start to scream yeah but what about Batman "The Dark knight Returns" And Batman "Hush".
These are both good examples in wich people often try to justify Batman has one those fights and defeated Superman before.

Lets look at these fights for a second and explain.

At the end of Frank Millers : The Dark Knight Returns the fight starts.
Batman wears an exoskeleton to help him smash supes around,
He also wears this robotic suit so that Superman's blows wont kill him upon impact.
The fact that his elaborate plan envolves Green Arrow shooting a Kryptonite arrow to weaken Superman and the fact that he fakes a heart attack so that he can live to fight another day technically does not make this a win for Bats.
Yes he did Keep up with Supes and yes his plan to stop Superman was great BUT he did not win that fight period.

Besides that Superman never intended to kill Batman during that fight.
If he did he could have just blasted Batman with his Heat vision.
If that is not enough when the fight starts Bruce gets smashed into a lantern when he says to himself:

"Wrist crushed"
"My ribs are moving with a mind of their own and Clark just broke a sweat"

So at that point Batman is even saying that Supes is just getting started.

And even if that is not good enought for you.
Batman had outside help from Green Arrow so this was not a 1 vs 1 fight.

Now then Batman "Hush"
The Battle where Batman whipes the floor with Supes using the Kryptonite ring.
When you actually read the dialogue that comes with the picture of wich im talking you will read that batman says the following words:

"If i hit him again i'll shatter every bone in my hand kevlar can only take so much"

Besides that Supes is under mind control of Poison Ivy so he is struggling within his mind trying not to hurt Batman and fight Ivy's mind control in the Process.

He even implies this in the next Dialogue in wich Batman states:

"I knew he would be fighting her in his head while he was fighting me that is probably the reason that my head is still attached to my shoulders."

So Bats even says that Supes would take his head off....

Although those 2 stories are the most popular stories wich people claim Batman has defeated Superman in a fight,
He did not really won those fights and if he did he did not do so alone.

To add to the conversation a big reason why i am a fan of Batman is because of the fact that he is Human and that he has no super powers.

We need to realize that Batman can only take so much.

I rest my case,

What do you guys think ?


Would Batman beat Superman?


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