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Mark Newton

Although Fantastic Four may have flopped pretty fantastically at the box office, rising star Michael B. Jordan still has one more major punch at scoring a knockout in 2015.

Jordan is set to appear as Adonis Creed in the upcoming Rocky spin-off boxing flick, Creed. We've already seen one trailer showing off some of what we can expect and today we've got another, slightly darker one.

Now, I would call myself particularly sensitive to spoilers but I would argue this new trailer gives away far too much - as is common with trailers these days. With that in mind, if you're also sensitive to spoilers you might want to to throw in the towel and get out of here now.

For those of you who stuck around, you can check out the new Creed trailer below:

Although slightly shorter than the initial trailer, this new one certainly gives us a lot more in terms of story. Let's see if we can reduce some of the major beats.

Adonis had had a tough upbringing

And might be a bit cocky...

He has a widowed mother who disapproves of Adonis' boxing dream

Expect lots of training montages

Things get personal with his new rival

Rocky's on the ropes health-wise

The film's climax, in true Rocky fashion, is a big title fight that could go either way...

But let's face it, Adonis probably wins

Creed will enter theaters on November 25th.


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