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Alongside being the highest grossing movie of 2015, thus far, Jurassic World is also the third highest of all time and filled me with glee as I stood in line to buy my ticket. This summer's stand out hit has also managed to break records of the not-so-great kind, depending on how you look at it.

Jurassic World is heading up the ranks of this year's movies with the greatest number of mistakes: issues with continuity, audio, hairstyles, factual errors and set and crew being visible in frame.

You probably didn't notice these moments in the cinema as the excitement of seeing the dinosaurs in action again is pretty engrossing. A total of 19 mistakes have been uncovered so far... here are some of the funniest.

1. When Owen and Claire are standing at the top of the waterfall Owen talks to Clare from behind and his mouth isn't moving.

2. When the young raptor handler plummets a huge distance into the raptor paddock, he lands on his back and acts like nothing happened when he gets up again.

At least the raptor looks exceptionally pleased to see him?

3. That moment when the two boys went on a magic carpet ride, well kind of. When the two boys crawl out of the water and onto the dirt bank after jumping from the cliff to escape the Indominus Rex, the ground beneath them moves as if there is some sort of carpet beneath the muddy ground.

4. Depending on your balancing abilities and the height of your shoes, let's just say it's pretty impossible to run fast or very far in any heels. Somehow Claire is able to sprint across the muddy Costa Rican jungle and run for the whole movie. It is physically impossible to do this especially when your scrambling for your life from T-Rex's, velociraptors and pterodactyls.

5. As the brothers exit the lake which they drove into their hair magically changes style. Their wet hair styles change in every single angle, at least 5 times in 3 seconds.

6. As Owen rescues a worker from the raptor paddock he ends up having three raptors in front of him. If you look closely the shadows of Owen and the raptors are in different directions.

I guess the shadows that were casted for the movie were amateurs.

Here are a few other movies that are riddled with mistakes...

1. Terminator Genisys - 9 mistakes

Did you spot when Pops, Kyle and Sarah are in the helicopter, Sarah's hair mysteriously flips between loose and tied up in a ponytail.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road - 8 mistakes

Did you notice at the end of the sand storm scene the flare is left on the ground? It remains stationary despite being in the same sand storm that has been lifting people and cars off the ground.

3. Ant-Man - 8 mistakes

When Scott wakes up after falling off Anthony, we can see the floor around the bed and there are no ants there. He then looks down and sees the bed is surrounded by ants.

4. Tomorrowland - 7 mistakes

This continuity mistakes sounds like the cast enlisted a fairy godmother. Earlier in the movie Athena and Casey steal a truck and the back window gets bashed out in the process. Later in the movie when Athena returns to the truck, the back window is pristine.

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