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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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What was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie? Why, 1937 Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, of course! Despite his obsession with murdering millions of Jews, homosexuals, disabled people and political opponents, Hitler also considered himself a cultured individual... as did these other vicious dictators.

Do you share a favorite movie with one of the worst people of the 20th Century?

1. Adolf Hitler

Dictator of: Nazi Germany

Favorite Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

It makes sense that failed artist and murdering racist Adolf Hitler was obsessed with a movie about 'the fairest of them all'. He also reportedly adored King Kong (1933).


2. Bashar al-Assad

Dictator of: Syria

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II (2011)

More is known about al-Assad's musical tastes than his cinematic preferences. An article revealing his iTunes choices included LMFAO's 'Sexy and I Know It' and songs by woman-beating rapper Chris Brown.


3. Kim Jong-Il

Dictator of: North Korea

Favorite Movie: Friday the 13th (1980)

Of all of the evil, megalomaniacal dictators who loved cinema, Kim Jong-Il is perhaps the biggest cinephile. A big fan of Elizabeth Taylor, Jong-Il even wrote a book entitled On the Art of the Cinema. He also kidnapped his favorite South Korean director to make more movies for him.

Oddly enough, the first Western film to be screened in North Korea was the quasi-Sapphic Bend it Like Beckham, shown at Pyongyang Film Festival in 2004.


4. Than Shwe

Dictator of: Burma

Favorite Movie: The Five Deadly Venoms (1978)

Burmese dictator Than Shwe enjoys classic Chinese martial arts movies as well as burning villages, displacing refugees and using sexual violence as a weapon of war.


5. Saddam Hussein

Dictator of: Iraq

Favorite Movie: Enemy of the State (1998)

Apparently, Saddam Hussein enjoyed thrillers above other movies because he thought that watching them proved that he was 'clever.' The Day of the Jackal is also said to be one the vicious dictator enjoyed when kicking back and relaxing after a hard day's oppressing.


6. Idi Amin

Dictator of: Uganda

Favorite Movie: Tom & Jerry: The Movie (1992)

Idi Amin, known to himself 'His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular', liked to make his political prisoners beat each other to death with sledgehammers. He also really, really liked Tom & Jerry.


7. Benito Mussolini

Dictator of: Italy

Favorite Movie: Ecstasy (1933)

Ecstasy famously featured a nude scene with pin-up of the moment Hedy Lamarr in which she seems to have an orgasm - pretty racy for the 1930s. Mussolini also adored movie star Anita Page, who said of the brutal murderer:

I got the sweetest letters from Mussolini, real nice.


8. Muammar Gaddafi

Dictator of: Libya

Favorite Movie: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1984)

How's this for batshit crazy: Gadaffi actually set up a TV station in Libya which, by law of the land, plays nothing but his favorite movie: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

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