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The heroic kids of The Maze Runner found their way out of the dangerous labyrinth and have ran straight towards their next adventure. This month marks the epic release of The Scorch Trials, which we had all been waiting on tender hooks to be released. How will the gladiators fare in their next set of challenges?

Actress Kaya Scodelario landed the part of the badass Teresa Agnes in the Franchise. Kaya recently spoke to Pop Sugar about her time on set and revealed the reasons why filming was so different this time around for her.

Last time around Kaya was astonishingly the only female actor on set, so what does it feel like to have more girls around?

''Great; it's really just more people in general. My colleagues are my colleagues, my friends are my friends. It's never been male or female. I never felt like the only girl last year, I felt like just a part of the group. Now we just have more friends, and they've come into the group really nicely. We all hang out together, we all cook together, and we are all having just as much fun together. They've just all kind of mixed really well, and as long as it's a person you're excited to work with and it's nice, then we kind of welcome them with open arms.''

Kaya has really gotten into her character's mind.

''The reason I wanted to do these movies was because I knew it would be a progression of her character. I wouldn't have done it if it was just the first movie because she doesn't really do anything; she's just introduced. I was very excited to get into her a lot more this time and to explore her having her own mind and her own instincts, how she may or may not agree with Thomas or with the other guys. That was exciting for me, I wanted her to separate and explore what she would be making of this world individually.''

Getting into the mind of Teresa agaIn has been emotional for the actress.

''It's been sadder to play her this time. She's very singular and very alone, but I like that. It would have been easy for us to just make her a follower and just make her agree with everything and go along with it. I like that she's very much separated.
She's physically there, we've kind of changed that from the book, she's on the journey with them, but her mind is elsewhere and her thought process and what she wants to do is very different from them all. And she doesn't really have anyone to share that with, none of them do. These kids have been thrust together. As an actor, it's been a lot lonelier, but I like to play with that. You know, life isn't rainbows and fairy tales.''

Filming for the new movie was tough on Kaya's mind and body.

''It's much harder this year! It really is! It blew my mind the first week. I was like, "Jesus Christ." It's been tough, it's been really really tough. I think I've found it the hardest. I'll hold my hands up and say I'm the most unhealthy member of cast. I do not exercise, I do not live a healthy lifestyle, and I have to start now, because in the first week we shot in the desert running up sand dunes. It's been extremely tough, but it's nice that we have such a good supportive group. I never felt embarrassed, like Dylan would high-five me when I actually managed to run fast enough. I'd be like, "Thank you so much."

The actress revealed a little more about her character.

''What's exciting about these movies is that we don't know everything about these kids. We have to trust them instantly, and we have to like them instantly, and we have to root for them instantly. That's a very hard thing to do, but we do it because it is such an against-the-odds journey. I do know who she is myself, but it's something I've kept from all the boys. It's something I need to carry myself because there isn't a moment where she sits down and says, "OK, so I went to this school and I was born here," because there isn't time for that, but you do still need to have that. You do find out a bit towards the end that I can't really give away because it's quite an important moment. You do get to find out some stuff about her.''

The director Wes Ball steered the cast perfectly and kept his cool persona.

''It's interesting, and I've thought about it a lot. I was like, "Is he going to be an asshole now? Is he going to be one of those shouty directors and have a Starbucks every day?" But he's not; he's exactly the same way. He's our friend and he has this beautiful mind. It's this incredible, crazy mind that just thinks in a totally different way than anyone else. He's still on it, he visually wants [the movie] to be his baby and he's got every concept in his mind already. He can describe any scene to us at any point and he's thought it all out. He's put more effort in and he's really growing as a director. We forget that he was a first-time director on the last one. I've worked with a lot of first-time directors, it's something that I really enjoy, but Wes stood out very much. I wouldn't never have pinned him as a first-time director at all. And this year, it's very much the same.''

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