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James Wood

What the heck was I on back in 2013 giving this 90% on Rotten Tomatoes? In the cinema the shock value was what sold me, the star power and outrageous laughs had me and my mates leaving the cinema in stitches, but a few years on the jokes are wearing thin and becoming less and less funny and being more of a chore to watch. As the months have gone by and a few more viewings the score has gradually sunk and now it's at my lowest rating, and most likely to get lower and lower.

The structure is one of the main problems, there are two stories that set up the skits. There is The Pitch, starring Greg Kinnear and Dennis Quaid, and the other skits with the most aggressively unlikeable and annoying teenagers trying to find the most banned videos online. These two different segments couldn't be anymore outlandish and disjointed, they have a very weak link to introducing Movie 43's skits, yet in all it's outrageous greatness The Pitch is mildly entertaining and a whole lot more tolerable than the scenes with the teens.

This bad pitch sees Dennis Quaid introduce his new film which consists of different stars in different situations, claiming that it's a family movie which is funny and sweet, but it really isn't. As he divulges into his "masterpiece lining up to be the next Howard The Duck", the skits begin. Do not watch it with family, or just don't watch it at all.

An all-star cast humiliates itself like you've never seen before, almost down to the standards of a Rob Schneider flick, I won't lie but I laughed a few times here and there.

The opening with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman is unlike anything you've ever seen, it left me speechless, I didn't see it coming and I chuckle at it. The homeschool skit with Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber is cringe and rather twisted, and the i-Babe skit is raucously funny, Kate Bosworth acts as if she has just realised what movie she has got herself involved with. You shouldn't laugh at Movie 43, but I did, the truth or dare with Halle Berry and Stephen Merchant is priceless for all the wrong reasons. This movie scooped up several Razzies and rightfully so, there's no craft or attention to any detail here, just one big half cooked joke wrapped up into a 90 minute movie that seems even longer. Barely defining the "so bad it's good' criteria, this film is a one watch never again situation, you can most likely find all the skits on YouTube.


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