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With Guardians of the Galaxy and Furious 7, Vin Diesel stars in some of the biggest franchises in movie history, he's never let that huge amount of fame put a damper on having a good time!

While most celebrities worry tirelessly about crafting the perfect public image to gain fickle popularity, Vin just does whatever he wants to do, and we can't help but love him for it. I mean, how many other action stars can film themselves jamming to Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' and still maintain all credibility?

Vin's musical ability is the gift that keeps on giving.

Lucky for us, the actor and sporadic crooner realized that it's been a while since we've had a taste of his wide array of skills, so he took to his Facebook page to give us a hilarious update.

This time, he teams up with Rebel Wilson—could a Fast & Furious/Pitch Perfect crossover be in the works?

The delightful pair celebrate the huge successes their movies have had at Universal, and naturally they start ruminating on the possibilities of teaming up. It was Vin's own kid who suggested that the Pitch Perfect and Fast and Furious universes should collide in epic fashion, even suggesting a working title. 'PITCH PERFECT DIESEL.'

Pitch Perfect Diesel would include acapella singing, fast cars, and maybe some Raptors because why not? If this summer success stories are any indicator, this would be the highest-grossing movie of all time, so I'm sure Hollywood execs are ferociously feuding to get their hands on the rights.

Lastly, Vin and Rebel sign us off with some lovely vocal exercises, proving once again that more celebrities should be this genuine with their fans.

(Source: Facebook)


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