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Now, the history of superhero fans debating which hero would beat the other in single combat likely dates back at least as far as the 1940s, when you'd have to think our grandparents would have been arguing about whether or not Captain America could kick Superman's butt, or Batman could take out The Sub-Mariner. In fact, if you count ancient religious pantheons as being early superheroes, it's not too hard to imagine a whole lot of old school myths (and actual wars) as having been the historical equivalent of the Marvel/DC rivalry - ones in which, much like Batman, Zeus always wins.

Not pictured: Batman.
Not pictured: Batman.

Nowadays, though, the vast majority of those debates take the form not of Grecian battles, but of fandom-fueled debates and geeky hypothetical arguments. The latest high-profile incident?

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen Were Asked Who Would Win in a Fight Between Loki and Scarlet Witch

Which, as it turns out, is clearly a debate the two of them have had before. Y'see, while Olsen led off - during the pair's interview with THR - with the distinctly reasonable:

"I think Scarlet Witch would win — she's one of the most powerful people in the universe"

Which, it seems, Hiddleston simply couldn't get behind, with the acting jumping in (with Olsen):

"The thing is, you're dealing with someone who's a witch...which is admittedly an's impressively biographically, but you put that up against a god? I'm just not sure it's a fair contest - he's immortal, he's an immortal being. So my chips are firmly in Loki's corner there."

During which, Olsen makes it pretty darned clear that this isn't the first time Hiddleston has waxed lyrical over Loki's ability to kick the butt of any given superhero.

Except, presumably, the Hulk...

The big question, though?

What do you reckon?


Who do you think would win in a fight?

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