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I always find it interesting (and a bit funny) when actors are kind of left in the dark about whether they'll get to reprise their roles. It's especially strange when, like with the case of Tom Hiddleston, you seem to have done a good job - in this case, as Loki.

Hiddleston was recently at TIFF in Toronto and had this to say to Collider about [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858):

"I’m sorry to say I have nothing to give you. I literally have nothing. I don’t know what’s happening. [laughs] That’s what I know, that’s literally the limits of what I know. Honestly, I don’t know... It’s all in Kevin Feige’s brain. It feels like the Marvel Universe is expanding at such a rate, and I wish – I’m not being coy – I don’t know where Loki fits into that. So we’ll see. Your guess is as good as mine."

Ouch. Sounds like Hiddleston as Loki isn't a guarantee in the next Thor film. One film he was able to talk about [Kong: Skull Island](tag:1139115), though, which sounds pretty cool:

"Well, Kong: Skull Island is the next thing on the books. It’s so exciting. I’ve been digging around in some dark material, to be honest. There’s something very heroic about my character in Skull Island. He’s an adventurer, he’s an explorer. I mean, it’s a King Kong film. There we go. [laughs] The way Jordan Vogt-Roberts has conceived of it, there’s something in there which I find very compelling about King Kong as an emblem of the power of nature in some way, and man’s relationship to it. I think he’s got just brilliant ideas about exploring that. Incredible sequences, a particular context they put King Kong in that you’ve never see him in before, so I’m really excited."

I just hope we can get some more of this...



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