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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Whilst you can usually find the Avengers saving the world from near-certain destruction, or foiling the plans of some tyrannical galactic supervillain, these high-octane moments are no doubt interspersed with much-needed periods of downtime.

Photographer Edy Hardjo has captured Marvel's super-powered team enjoying a brief respite from their more serious duties - and you might be surprised to find out just what they get up to off the clock. Check it out...

A faceful of fury

Don't make me cross-stitch

Black window shopping


Two outta three?

Logan lovin'

Kill it!

Super selfie

Regenerate this!

Something inside so strong

Emptying the tank

Choose your side

Sugar smash

Chestnuts roasting on a flaming skull

Come and get me, boys

[Edy Hardjo]


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