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Out of all pop stars in all the world, it's safe to say that Britney Spears has had the roughest go of it. Between her predatory boyfriends, health struggles, and the entire year of 2007, Brit's struggles have been very much in the public eye. While that was rarely a good thing, at least fans were able to keep up with the legendary performer.

The publicity may not have faded, but Brit's response to it certainly has. You may have seen her at the VMA's, embarrassing Miley Cyrus in a way that was much more subtle than another famous pop diva.

And that was just one shady reason Britney should be back on your radar again. How is The Holy Spearit on the rise, you ask? Oh, let me count the ways.

1. She's extended her Vegas residency for two more years

That's right, the lucrative Piece of Me tour will run until (at least) 2017. After renegotiating her contract, she will now be making $35 million for that two-year stint while also performing fewer shows.

Her Vegas success is undeniable thus far. She's raked in over $58 million from tickets alone (for only nine shows, no less), and she's beating competition from Celine Dion and Elton John.

2. Vegas loves her so much, they erected a Britney-themed slot machine

I mean, this is pretty much the Statue of David or the Sistine Chapel when it comes to Vegas. Now Britney fans have a permanent place to pay their indulgences to

3. She's in the running to become a Super Smash Bros. character

Fans have started a petition (numbering in the thousands!) for Britney to be a playable character in the next installment of the Super Smash Bros. video game franchise.

She is eligible as a contender because she was a character in her own video game, Britney's Dance Beat, that launched on Game Boy Advance in 2001. Head over to Nintendo's website if you want to vote for her!

4. She could be performing at the next SuperBowl halftime show

Rumors have been flying that the SuperBowl wants to put on the most memorable half-time show ever for its 50th game, which might mean a whole variety of acts instead of one big one. Supposedly, Britney has been asked to perform together with Taylor Swift, and sources say that both camps haven't yet declined.

It seems like a win-win for everyone. Britney would undoubtedly bring in the ratings, and the SuperBowl would offer her biggest platform in recent memory. If she's really back on the rise, this would be the perfect opportunity to announce a return to the throne.

5. She's making time to be a proud mom

Whether it's adorning the cover of Elle with her boys Jayden and Preston or just hanging poolside with the loves of her life, Britney has always been a devoted mama. But, now more than ever, she's giving us glimpses of just how delighted her life is with these little guys in it.

6. She's making jokes on stage again

Okay, so even the most devout Britney fans can admit that there was a particularly depressing period where the star just didn't seem like herself. That has all changed in the best possible way, and Brit's goofy personality has returned with a vengeance.

In this clip, she confidently tells the crowd, "Men can suck my f*cking toe!"

7. She's making a cameo in Jane the Virgin

As an "exaggerated version" of herself, Britney will be making a very special guest appearance on The CW's award-winning show Jane the Virgin and reminding us all of why we loved her on How I Met Your Mother. Plus, there should be some music in the episode!

Let's also not forget that Crossroads was written by current TV powerhouse Shonda Rhimes. Could a stint on How To Get Away With Murder be in Brit's future?

8. She has the absolute best reactions to any surprise that comes her way

But none are as great as when she's greeted with a language other than English.

(Okay, this one is spread out over the course of her career, but you can't deny that she's getting this adorable spark back!)

9. Lastly, it's almost the holiday made for Britney: Halloween!


It's Britney, witch!


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