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We all know that Hollywood is a tough game and isn't exactly renowned for its fair representation of a wider society. And if we know that, clearly the actors and actresses trying to break into the industry know that too, hence why some of them have told a few tall tales in order to land the roles which elevated their careers.

From Rebel Wilson to Robert Pattinson, here are 8 household names that tried to pull the wool over our eyes...

1. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson came under fire earlier this year when an Australian publication exposed that the Pitch Perfect star had added a pinch of imagination to her backstory.

Australian Woman's Weekly reported:

According to Rebel Wilson, she’s 29, was raised by dog-training “bogan” parents in the “ghetto” of Sydney, spent a year in Zimbabwe, climbed into a cage with a leopard, got caught in a shoot-out and then struck down by a severe strain of Malaria from a mozzie in Mozambique where, from her ICU bed, she envisioned herself winning an Oscar and rapping her acceptance speech.

However, as it turns out, Rebel Wilson is in fact a 35 year old Ms Melanie Elizabeth Bownds and had a normal upper-middle-class upbringing.

I know which version I prefer though, don't you?

In typical Rebel fashion, she replied to the media frenzy with a good dose of humor:

2. Robert Pattinson

Edward Cullen a.k.a Robert Pattinson admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he likes to “lie for no reason,” what with variety being the spice of life and all that jazz. He tried to explain it with this bizarre saliva chat which was simultaneously hugely endearing and a total wtf moment.

RPatz no longer has to deny his real age, but he did reveal that before landing the Twilight gig he'd lie frequently to get roles.

“Oh, I was at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) – if you’ve got an English accent you can get away with it. I’d say I went to Oxford (University), too. I did it for years.”

Apparently he'd fib about being American, too.

3. Whoopi Goldberg

Back in the 70's and 80's, when Whoopi Goldberg was in her late twenties, she claims that no director would take her seriously nor hire her because of her age.

“Nobody would hire me to act. Everyone said I was too young.”

So the now 59 year old did what any self respecting actress would do, she lied and added six years onto her age. Whoopsi!

4. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis came clean in 2012 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about a little porky pie she told way back in 1998. When auditioning for her role as Jackie Burkhart in That 70s Show, knowing they were looking for 18 year old candidates, she bumped her age up four years. What the hell did it matter, eh?

Well, the casting directors found out just before she signed the contract and, luckily for Mila, they found the stunt hilarious.

“Legally I was 14, but I told them I was a little bit older…I told them I was gonna be 18, which is not technically a lie, cause at one point…I was gonna be 18,”

Sound reasoning!

5. Sandra Bullock

When Sandra Bullock was yet just another fish in the sea of undiscovered actors, she had to pull a trick or two to land a foot on the ladder. In 1992, Bullock revealed, she lied about her age to get a role in the movie Love Potion No. 9. However, rather than coming clean after securing the gig, Sandra's lie only came to the media's attention once her real birth date was made public.

What a load of Bullocks!

7. Daniel Craig

It would seem that 007 hasn't always been such a skilled, all-round man of mystery. As the rumors go, the star who sky rocketed to fame after landing the part of James Bond in 2006, used to lie about his equestrian skills to bag movie roles.

“I would just turn up to shoot and get on a horse pretending to know what I was doing — sometimes just to get the part. But I was on a horse every day for two weeks before we started shooting this movie so by the end, had I had the land, I would have bought a horse!”

Well, whatever works, neigh?

8. Jessica Chastain

It's common knowledge that the The Zero Dark Thirty actress is extremely ambiguous when it comes to her age. Although a simple Google search informs us that she is 38, in 2012 her 'official' age was listed as 30 and in 2013 it was 35.

She told British newspaper The Independent:

"I will never say my age because I'm an actress, and I want to play different ages."

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