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If you saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you might have noticed all of the call-backs to the original Indiana Jones film. You also may have been an idiot like me and missed out on a few. Either way, Vimeo user WhoIsPablo put together a compilation with all of them.

Check it out below! There are lots. Check out all XX in screenshots below!

1. The first call-back is a simple one

2. They paid homage in almost every way possible

3. The shadow

4. Hands up!

5. Hat take-off

6. Illegal hands to the face

7. Boxes on boxes

8. Lasso action

9. Scary gun dust

10. More lasso swing action

11. More swinging lasso stuff

12. Crash landing

13. Falling out of trucks

14. Golden artifacts

15. Chain pain

16. Professor moment

17. Somewhat similar outfits here

18. Mealtime

19. Car grab

20. These two beautiful moments

21. Weird but cool airplane graphic

22. Sleeping Harrison Ford

23. Map stuff

24. Hieroglyphics 'n stuff

25. Incredibly scary mummy moment

26. Bugs that are scary as well

27. Gun threats

28. Tantalizing female gaze

29. Female hostages getting saved

30. Rocket-launcher game on fleek

31. Wait, did Michael Bay direct this? Similar explosion sequences here...

32. Awesome behind-vehicle shot

33. Falling out of cars again

34. More swinging, this time through the jungle

35. Jumping from moving vehicles

36. A bunch of men shooting guns in a row

37. Harrison Ford can throw that left hook

38. Ahhh!

39. Flying cars


41. This is pretty much what the ride was based off

42. Sad women

43. Gotta have your torch. Duh.

44. Running from the natives

45. Sh*t is going down now

46. Water flood activated

47. I feel like this is Harrison Ford tipping his hat to me for screenshotting like a mad-man right now. I skipped a few, I'll be honest. There were just. So. Many.

48. A little romance

49. Hat games

50. Harrison Ford being a bad-ass in the end was inevitable

I hope you enjoyed those. Go to to see more from this talented dude.



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