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I don't fancy myself the kind of person who needs every movie to be an open and shut case with all of the loose ends nicely tied for me. As a general rule, I'm happy to discuss and debate movies and the good and bad that comes with them.

Still, there are a few movies that leave audiences scratching their heads long after they leave the theater. These seven movies left us with some pretty serious questions, and not much resolution. The Internet is littered with explanations for all of them, but I thought it'd be best to discuss them all in the comments section at the end. So, check out these seven unanswered movie questions and let us know what you think!

1. Pulp Fiction

What's in the briefcase? Whatever it was, it was certainly shiny and luminescent. Given Tarantino's penchant for having profound meaning in his films, I chalk this one up to simply being too complex and philosophical for me to comprehend.

2. Lost in Translation

What did he whisper? A lot of people think they know just what Bob whispered to Charlotte, but I think it might be better left open to interpretation. Something about Lost in Translation begs stay that way. All we hear are two "Okays" at the end, and I'm pretty okay with that myself.

3. Groundhog Day

Why did he have to relive the same day over and over again? I know what you must be thinking, Wow Bill Murray again, huh? Given his enigmatic personality, it's no surprise he likes playing roles that are just as mysterious. So, why was Phil stuck in that time loop? In the original screenplay his ex-girlfriend cursed him, but ultimately Harold Ramis decided to cut that detail. And what Ramis says, goes! Since it didn't make it onscreen, the true meaning is still up for grabs!

4. Inception

Did the totem fall? In true Christopher Nolan style, the ending of Inception has left audiences guessing. Whether or not Cobb was able to reunite with his children, whether this was a dream or reality, is still hotly contested, but there are pretty convincing theories that go either way! Personally, I'm torn and choose to simply pick the ending I prefer.

5. Cast Away

What was in the package? Pretty annoying to think that Chuck Noland was on that island for years without opening the package. I mean, what if it had been matches! Or a satellite phone! Okay, probably not but thinking of the possibilities drives me crazy. Maybe the meaning of this ending is just too deep for me.

6. The Sopranos

Did Tony die? Not technically a movie, I know, but this one has to make the list. The decision to use a cut-to-black ending was one of the most infuriating and confusing conclusions to a series in television history. I swear my dad was going to punch a hole into the TV screen. Some people really liked it, but for the most part fans of the series just tried not to dwell on the ending. Later, the show's creator David Chase told Vox that Tony did not die, but that wasn't until seven years later!

7. The Matrix

What was on Neo's disk? Whatever was on the disk was worth a cool $2,000 and it seems pretty important that no one know where it came from. It's also a great cinematic tool used to show us just how awesome and badass Neo is (by literally having another character tell him how cool he is).

To be fair, some of these might have answers that were simply omitted from the final cut. But if it didn't make it onscreen, I say it's totally open to interpretation! In the end it's probably better that way. At the very least we'll always have something to discuss at boring dinner parties

Do you have an explanation for any of these movie mysteries? If so, let us know in the comments section!


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