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In the pursuit of creative genius, it's important to keep your skills in tune. While there's no replacing simple pencil on paper, some of today's technology is giving animators the chance to actually step inside their works and become a part of the worlds they've helped create.

Glen Keane, one of the Disney animators famous for bringing us characters like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the Beast from Beast from Beauty, and Tarzan himself showed off his skills on the page and off with the help of virtual reality equipment.

With the help of The Future of Storytelling, Keane aims to help to teach attendees of the 2010 summit "how to tap into your own creativity, connecting to emotion and character."

Check out this video on how today's technology has helped him improve upon his already expert skill level and further capture his childhood creativity:

Pencil on paper


It's a tough medium to beat, but Keane concedes that it is a bit two dimensional for him.

Bringing works to life


Even without VR, he is able to bring characters to life and seemingly jump off the page.

Familiar furry face


He also discusses how he feels as if he is part, or somehow becomes, his characters in the process of drawing them.

Under the Sea


Keane then joins Ariel in a 3D world where he can be fully immersed in his sketching using Tilt Brush.

A dream come true


This sculptural drawing is a way for artists to escape the flatness of paper and the confines of the real world, and instead become part of their art.

Glen Keane ends the video saying exactly what you want to hear from someone who has been an integral part in animating our childhoods:

The soul of any kind of creative art form is freedom.

If this video doesn't make your heart soar after watching it, then I don't know what will!

The Future of Storytelling Summit will be held on October 7 and 8 of this year, and will include other guest speakers like Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

(Source: Vimeo, FoST)


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