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With over 400 original television series to choose from this year, it can be a difficult decision where to spend your TV time. Luckily, this week marks the return of 10 straight weeks of the funniest hour of television around. At 10pm EST starting Wednesday, September 16th, be sure to set your DVR for the 19th Season Premiere of South Park (Comedy Central), and the 2nd Episode of the final season of The League (FXX).

Watching these shows back to back is guaranteed to provide a straight 47 minutes of laughter. Let's start with the genius that is Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Entering their 19th Season with the gang in South Park, Colorado, as long as the world keeps spinning this duo will never run out of ideas to keep the show fresh and funny. In an unfortunately shortened season of 10 episodes (which will be the norm going forward until 2019), it will be interesting to see if this batch will take place in a timeline similar to last season. Will we be seeing a transginger bathroom in the halls of South Park Elementary? Will they wipe the slate clean and start a new launchpad for joke references? Or will they do away with any linear connections and return to their roots? As shown in the Episode 1 teaser seen here, it would not be South Park without tackling the useless saga that was Deflategate.

Speaking of Deflategate, time to talk about one of the most underrated shows 7 years running: The League. With an unbelievably talented cast (Nick Kroll, Mark Duplass, Stephen Rannazzisi, the list goes on) who can improvise with the best and rest of them, this show never gets the credit it deserves. Each episode features a very loose script, perfect timing and ridiculous people doing ridiculous things. No show with the exception of Curb and Seinfeld weave storylines together better- Guess we can chalk it up to a coincidence that one of The League creator's Jeff Schaffer wrote and storied several episodes of both (and of course Jackie Schaffer gets half the credit here as well).

Enjoy the funniest hour that television has to offer, and let me know if you can think of a better 1-2 punch!


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