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"Dad! Im off to work!"

I ran down the stairs, trying not to fall on my face.

Oh! Let me introduce myself, I'm Bella Wayne. Daughter to Bruce Wayne. Yes, the Bruce Wayne.

To Gotham, he's the multi billionaire playboy. But to me, he's my dad. And he's a great one.

Yes, we've had our troubles over the years, but we're always a team.

And we also have Alfred.

He's been apart of the Wayne family for many years. Without him, i think my dad would be pretty lost.

Even if he won't admit it out loud, he knows it.

I finally made it down the stairs, only to be met with a hard look from my dad. Sighing, i slowly stepped down.

"Promise you'll be safe. No snooping around the bank."

Smiling, i hugged him.

"I will dad don't worry. i won't go near the bank today"

The bank robbery just happened this morning and the GCPD were investigating it. Apparently a bunch of men with masks stole a ton of money and then got away in a school bus. Very weird choice for a get away vehicle, but whatever floats their boat.

"Bella, you're coat. It's awfully chilly today"

Smiling, i took the coat from Alfred, hugging him.

"Thank you. Now dad, don't work to hard. And please don't drive Alfred and Mr. Fox crazy"

Alfred grinned, while dad gave a mock glare.

Laughing, i went out to my car and began my journey to work.


I made it to work. And in one piece. Couldn't ask for much else. Stepping out of the car, i headed for the Gotham Times building.


Turning towards the voice, i was met with the smile of my best friend Sophie. Sophie Parker has been my friend since we were both little kids. And we both had our dream job together. It's pretty great.

"So, what have you thought about the robbery?"

"Honestly, i don't know. I mean, sure, Gotham isn't exactly known for being safe, but still. It's starting to get crazy"

Sophie agreed. The crime rate only keeps going up. But what can you do?

I went up to my office while Sophie stopped for some coffee before going to her desk. I entered my office to see Ed, my supervisor.

"Heard about the bank robbery?"

I sighed, deciding to sit down.

"Who hasn't?"

Ed laughed.

"True. So i have a new interview for you to do."

"Who for?"

"Harvey Dent. I figured you'd be perfect for it."

I smiled. I've heard alot about him through Rachel Dawes, a long time friend of my dad's. She's also the assistant DA.

Harvey is a pretty good guy. He's the new DA and plans on doing a lot of changes for Gotham. Hopefully good ones.

"I'm on it"

Ed grinned, then walked back to his office.

I jumped up and grabbed my notebook and necessary thing's that i'd need, when a man walked into the office. I stopped in surprise upon seeing him.

He had scars on both sides of his mouth, in the shape of a smile i noted. His hair is blonde with a hint of green in it. He laughed upon seeing my face.

"Is it the scars?"

I shook my head upon hearing his voice. Then smiled.

"Their actually lovely on you"

He looked shocked, then grinned.

"Don't hear that often. Really, not at all"

Grinning, i shook his hand.


The look in his eye's was one of humor.



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