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Many people have a misconception about the hijab. What they might not realize is that there are many women who have made the choice to wear one, and that definitely means they are not restricted in any way and do not need to be saved by Western values.

This also means you are more than welcome to participate in some killer cosplay, hijab included!

1. She Wears a Hijab, and Everybody Loses Their Minds!

Mainly because she looks so awesome and just as devious as the Joker himself!

Being part Syrian myself, I have to ask: "Why so Syria-s?" I know. I'm so punny.

2. Raven Has Got Us Ravenous

Photographer: Walk Walk See See Cosplay Photographer
Photographer: Walk Walk See See Cosplay Photographer

Airi Cosplayer (Malaysia) looks like a total Teen Titan, from head to toe.

3. Perfectly Perky Pikachu

[Source: Saakira Photography]

This is so adorable. Ryn The Hijab Cosplayer also looks incredibly warm and comfortable, which is never a bad thing.

4. Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batgirl!

Photography by: Athirah
Photography by: Athirah

Who needs a cape when you've got a hijab? Sha Sahrol looks all kinds of powerful here.

5. Let It Go!

Photography by: Nurhidayat
Photography by: Nurhidayat

A gorgeous hijab that doubles as a blonde wig? Imesuke knows how to kill two birds with one stone. I'm frozen in my tracks because of how stunning she looks.

6. Sailor Moon

[Source: tumblr]

I half expect to see her black cat Luna poking her head behind her through the green grass.

7. Magnificent Maleficent

[Source: cosmiacosplayer on tumblr]

You don't want to get on her bad side; she isn't afraid to use those horns if it's necessary.

8. Mighty Minion

[Source: tumblr]

She's probably on her way to Villain-Con with Kevin. You have to admit, she's going to be the cutest evildoer there.

Who says women with hijabs can't have fun?

And who says they can't dress up like our favorite characters? You have to admit, you want that Elsa outfit too, don't you?

[Source: imgur, Facebook, tumblr]


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