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Just watching her makes my legs hurt.

I admit. I am severely inflexible, as tight hamstrings run in my family. So seeing this instantly made my hamstrings scream out, "OH, HELLO NO MICHELLE."

Zlata is from Kazakhstan, and has been donned the title of the world's most flexible woman (the Guinness World Records can attest to that). Based off this picture alone, I'd say that's the most fair title she can receive.

Zlata first discovered her talent at the age of four in Kindergarten. By the age of ten, she was working professionally as a contortionist.

Usually contortionists are either a backbender or a frontbender. Zlata is rare, as she is able to do both! Her fibrous tissue never hardened from adulthood and are therefore still as stretchy as a baby's.

Watching pictures and videos of Zlata move in ways I didn't know were humanly possible makes me think she needs to work in films depicting demonic possession, but like the two actors who were hired for The Last Exorcism and Mama.

1. Ashley Bell from The Last Exorcism

Bell credits ballet, and the fact that she is just naturally very flexible, as a contribution to her excellent physicality as a young, innocent girl named Nell who is possessed by many demons. She gained such a following for her incredible performance, with fans even creating a Facebook page claiming she deserves an Oscar.

2. Javier Botet from Mama

At the tender age of five, Botet was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, which causes the body to grow unusually long and thin. The condition does come with some risks, such as difficulty breathing, but Botet doesn't let it hinder him. He uses it to his advantage, bringing us all the creepiness and eeriness.

I would be more than willing to watch a horror film where an entire crowd of people become possessed by multiple demons. I would recommend the director to just hire some Cirque du Soleil gymnasts, because you know they can move their bodies in the craziest of ways!

Horror directors, call me! I've got some incredible ideas.

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