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We’ll just leave the reboots (Looking at you Girl Meets World, Fuller House, rumored Rugrats and more) out of this one and stick to the basics….

Is it weird that the 90s didn’t even peak in the 90s? What all started with a little known website called has turned into an out of control 90s comeback. NickReboot was a website that had 24 hour streaming of all your favorite 90s Nickelodeon content, randomized with TV shows and movies playing around the clock with no particular set schedule.

Enter Teennick, an off Nickelodeon brand that saw the millennial market still had a longing for their childhood favorite shows. TeenNick started airing SNICK hits and more from 12am-4am daily. Weather you were falling asleep to go to work the next day or coming home from a night of partying, you could be hit right in the feels.

And now, we get “The Splat”, a brand new channel dedicated to anytime comfort food on television. Who knew that Rugrats, Hey Arnold, CatDog, All That, Rocket Power, Rocko and more would stand the test of time and get a whole new life? We’re taking shows that aired when TV’s only had VCRs and putting them on ones that all you have to do is yell at for a show to instantly play. No complaints here!


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