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Sometimes on the Internet you stumble across pieces of content that make you question how some people can be so damn talented. This is one of those moments.

Thanks to the Rockstar Editor mode on Grand Theft Auto V, fans have been creating some stunning material. Earlier this year, YouTuber Mitch L recreated the trailer to the Coen Bros. No Country For Old Men, a fan film set in the Blade Runner universe and a fan homage to Ridley Scott and the Alien franchise to name but a few of his back catalog.

Now, it's the turn of YouTuber llachlann. Although he may have a humble 2,081 subscribers, expect that figure to skyrocket after his latest piece of fan made content.

Trevor in the Recretaion
Trevor in the Recretaion

Using GTA V (PC) and After Effects for compositing, llachlann has stunningly recreated shot-for-shot the opening credits for True Detective Season 1. Featuring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the series was an instant hit with fans eagerly anticipating the second serving.

Unfortunately, Season 2 didn't live up to the hype. With less than favorable reviews, critics and fans alike held the second series to the same standards as the first, and ultimately it couldn't perform.

Check out the recreation below:


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