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I could just leave this picture up there and call it a day. But I won't do that to you folks. When I was a kid I didn't know I secretly didn't like this movie, but I knew I liked Star Wars! All the lightsaber stuff, and the space exploration. It fascinated me! So of course I wanted to get this game. I wanted to be a Jedi!

Be careful what you wish for. At this point I knew that playstation games were incredibly difficult, especially when you are eight years old. The game starts off like the movie does where Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn land on that donut space station. The first thing you do is cut through those useless droids. It's awesome at first cause you get right into the action. Okay not bad video game.


Then it slowly went downhill. The rest of the game was sneaking around vents. With no map and no indication of where to go eight year old me got mad. I kept on dying for reasons unknown to me, and I finally stopped playing. I through down my controller and said "Enough is enough!"

For a while I stayed away, but I returned to finish the job. I was eleven, and I got up to the part where I was stuck on. I beat it through trial and error. But the worst part was only right around the corner.

After the poorly rendered cut scene of the droid ship landing on Naboo, you must traverse through the jungle to help Jar Jar Binks. Even though I was forced to do it I regret it. At one point there is a jumping puzzle. Again no hints or maps or anything came up to help. I tried everything imaginable! Jumping on tree to tree. Falling down to my death cause the controller was so sensitive. I couldn't take it.

This was the game that made me curse, and I was a pretty calm kid at that point. Thank God the first Battlefront game was right around the corner! Pure awesomeness if you ask me.


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