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Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally out on Digital HD and will soon be out on Blu-Ray and DVD. As one of this year's most successful films, many people are excited to see it again. Then there are some who felt a little disappointed by the film, claiming it did not meet up to its promises.

Though I loved the movie, I can admit there were a few things that could have been added to the movie in order to make it that much cooler. It was a fun and action-packed movie, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's perfect. Here are 6 things that could have been added to Avengers: Age of Ultron in order to make it even better.

1. A Cap / Iron Man Fight

With Captain America: Civil War having been set to release one year after Age of Ultron, many fans were hoping for a fight between Captain America and Iron Man to foreshadow the War. Though we did receive a bit of tension between these two characters, and a very brief scuffle among the group before the birth of Vision, we never received a true nod towards the events of the next film. In fact, the end of Age of Ultron gave us the impression that these two were totally fine.

While I respect the idea of waiting until the next movie before giving Cap and Iron Man any major fights, it would have been really cool to see these two heroes go at it at least once. Even if it was just a quick fight between the two of them that was immediately broken up by another Avenger, it would have done the film some justice and even increased the excitement over the Civil War heading our way.

2. More of Thor

Throughout the film, many different characters received the spot light for long periods of time, except for one character: Thor. Thor did get some solo screen time, but it was very little. Considering how vital Thor's plot was during the movie (he discovered the Infinity Stones, for Pete's sake), Thor should have received more screen time to show him on his quest to find the truth about the Stones. Instead, many of his scenes were cut and he was notably absent for a large portion of the movie. The cave scene he was actually in was actually heavily cut, and I assume it would have added a lot more to his plot had it not been cut so heavily. Hopefully these cut scenes will be released with the Deleted Scenes when the DVD / Blu Ray is finally released.

3. Abomination, or some other secondary villain

Some may remember rumors about Joss Whedon and Marvel trying to get Tim Roth to reprise his role as Abomination during the film, to no avail. Though many people would not like Abomination specifically in the film (due to the overall unpopularity of The Incredible Hulk), there was still potential for some sort of secondary villain.

Ultron may not have been the only villain during the course of the film, but by the climax of Age of Ultron, he was the only one left. Pitting a team of 9 superheroes against 1 villain seems a little one-sided. It made the final battle less intense than it could have been if some secondary threat (like Abomination) was thrown in as well. Sure, it's cool seeing a bunch of robots fight, but they all look and act the same. Throwing in another villain as the wild card would have mixed things up and made the finale even grander.

4. A Hulk / Hulkbuster Team -Up

One of the parts of Age of Ultron that was marketed the most was the Hulkbuster suit. Many people were looking forward to seeing this suit appear throughout the film, but it only appeared for about five minutes during a long fight scene (which was awesome, don't get me wrong).

After all the marketing that was put into the Hulkbuster, many fans had expected a little more. After the fight, the Hulkbuster suit never appeared again and wasn't really mentioned. The events caused by the fight were mentioned, but that was the extent of it. Bringing the suit back again during the finale, and possibly having Iron Man in the suit teaming up with Hulk, would have added a stronger resolution to the earlier fight and would have made the final battle a hell of a lot cooler.

5. The Word "Assemble"

If you saw the movie, you know what I'm talking about. Enough said.

6. A Lighthearted Post-Credits Scene

One of the greatest disappointments of Age of Ultron (according to many fans) was the absence of a post-credits scene. There was a mid-credits scene, foreshadowing the third Avengers, but nothing at the very end.

Instead of making everyone wait for nothing, it would have been a lot cooler to have had a proper scene at the very end of the credits, preferably a lighthearted, funny scene to follow the 'serious-and-then-funny' pattern the previous Avengers movie had had. This could have been anything: another joke about Thor's hammer, another 'language' joke or even a quick scene featuring Spider-Man. Any of these quick scenes could have worked and would have let fans leave the theater on an even better note.

I loved Avengers: Age of Ultron, but there is always room for improvement. It was already a great film, but many of these factors could have been added to make it into an 'amazing' film. But we got what we got, and I am content with that honestly. I'm just hoping many of these scenes will be in the 'Deleted Scenes' of the DVD / Blu-Ray when it's released on October 2nd.


What would you have wanted to see in Age of Ultron?


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