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The first Teaser for Allegiant is jam packed with action and more as Tris, Four, and the others make their way over the wall into the unknown now that the Erudite can't stop them, but what will they find?!

IT'S HERE! The conclusion to The Divergent Series has officially begun with the release of the FIRST official teaser trailer for Allegiant - Part 1, the first of 2 films that will end the cinematic adaptation of the best selling book series. In an uncanny move recently, Lionsgate actually announced that the second half of Allegiant due in theaters in 2017 had officially been renamed Ascendant. No time discuss that right now thought because HELLO! We have the Allegiant teaser trailer and MAN did it give us a lot to talk about!

Starting at the beginning of the series, the teaser chronicles Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four's (Theo James) journey through the first 2 films, Divergent and Insurgent, highlighting important scenes that lead up to the explosive beginning of Allegiant. The Erudite have collapsed as Tris was finally able to take down their leader Jeanine who was keeping a huge secret from them, what's beyond the walls of post-apocalyptic Chicago. After finding out that Tris, as a Divergent, was actually NOT the problem with society as Jeanine has claimed, but the solution, she and Four set out to discover what lies beyond and where the message Jeanine was hiding came from.

Watch The Divergent Series: Allegiant teaser, then read below to break it down!

What We Saw

We saw A LOT! For a small little teaser trailer is had a good 30 seconds PACKED with goodies we didn't expect to see in such an early trailer! For one, the land beyond the wall. I have expected them to keep us in the faction city and only teaser the group being the first to actually venture out there not knowing what they would find. It's pretty spectacular watching Tris, Four, and the gang scale the wall that has held them in their whole lives, especially since all they have been told it's what's beyond would kill them. Then we finally get to the top and as Tris looks around in awe, we see what looks like an endless red desert with small remainders of what used to be. Now, this is DEFINITELY not how I imagined it to look in the books, but it looks pretty cool none the less!

Something great to is we see Tris and Four happy and doing things together. In Insurgent Tris built a noticeable wall between herself and Four as she believed that the only way to save everyone else was to sacrafice herself, and she was afraid to hurt Four. Now that the factions are all safe (supposedly) and Tris and Four are venturing off tigether into the unknown, I think their relationship is looking pretty strong Fourtris shippers!

Lastly we meet David (Jeff Daniels), he is the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Testing and someone Tris will get to know very closely, and someone who already knows her very closely. It's not surprising they showed David in the teaser, but that they showed Tris and himself meet for the first time and have him declare his true mission, to save the word one Divergent at a time!

What We Didn't

While there was a lot in the trailer, there was also NOT a lot. Like the Allegiant who convince Tris to go outside the wall in the first place, so I wonder if they are in the movie at all! We also didn't see Four's mother or father at all, who both play a significant role in the book. This leads me to believe that they may play a larger part in the second half of Allegiant, Ascendant.

We also didn't see much else besides the land beyond the wall. We didn't get a look at the factions and the factionless now that Jeanine is no longer in power, or The Bureau of Genentic Testing where the majority of Allegiant and Ascendant will spend will spend it's time, and it's REALLY important! This is something I am GLAD we didn't get to see on a large scale! I'm also looking forward to meeting Mathew, Tris's Bureau buddy who tests her and Four for their true divergence.

What to Expect

While Divergent stayed close to the book, Insurgent very clearly did not, so we don't expect Allegiant or Ascendant to wither, especially with that title change! However from the teaser we can see that the general structure of the book will be translated to film. Tris will go beyond the wall, she will end up at the Bureau of Genetic testing, and she will bring her brother Caleb with her despite his betrayal. I am curious how they will split the book into two films, it's hard to say if there is enough content without adding things for them to do that, so I can't make a call where they will end Allegiant to set up Ascendant! Regardless in the next (hopefully full length) trailer, I think we may get to meet Mathew from the Bureau and also get a peak at what the factions look like now! We may also get to hear a little bit more about what the Bureau is about!

The Divergent Series: Allegiant hits theaters March 18th, 2016! What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for the film? Or worried it will stray too much from the books?


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