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Moviepilot creator, Mike Mack, started the 5 Day Movie Challenge, and it was a huge success with our creators. Since everyone was excited to share their personal experiences and opinions about movies and TV, I thought I'd shake it up a little bit. I want to start another challenge: The 5 Day Gaming Challenge.

Starting now, I challenge you to tell us your favorite gaming stories and opinions. The categories for this challenge are as follows:

Day 1: Game that brings on gamer rage

Day 2: Best multiplayer game

Day 3: Longest binge on one game

Day 4: Game you play over and over

Day 5: Game that should get re-released/ get a sequel

To start, I'm nominating these 5 Moviepilot creators to join in this challenge:

Chris Trio

Quinten Turner Perkins

Peter von Harten

Richard Berrigan

CJ Glover

The best multiplayer game I have ever played is : World of Warcraft

I loved this game and I still do. though, I have not played it in a couple years. It unfortunately requires a lot of dedication that I just don't have time for anymore. However, back in the day this game had my very soul.

You see, this game is great for multiplayer. In fact without a good guild, you can't get the best gear in the game. So, I joined a guild called Blitzkrieg and it was the best decision I'd ever made. It's inevitable to make real friends in World of Warcraft because you spend so much time together doing quests, dungeons, and raids. In between wipes (where everyone dies from a particularly hard boss) there is plenty of time for nerd rage and getting to know each other.

That's how I met my husband ironically. He and I met within Blitzkrieg but since I was a tank and he was a healer, we often did a lot of questing and dungeons together more so than anyone else in the guild. We had really gotten to know each other and quickly learned we didn't live too far away either. So, we met up for coffee one day and that was the end of life as we knew it.

So yes, World of Warcraft may have sucked a lot of my young life away but it also brought me some of the most joy gaming and life-wise ever.

I regret nothing.

Be sure to tag your posts as #5 Day Game Challenge so we can see them all!


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