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My name is David Mikhailov, I'm a big fan of Marvel and of course the MCU. I like to write my theories about marvel and other things and I t
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Hello to everyone! Today I'm going to do a diffrent theory than I do ususal. As you know I always do theories about Marvel, today I'm going to do about my most favorite tv show: Gravity Falls. (Warning! Spoilers for episode 11-15 season 2 and I'm not going to put the spoiler warning sign)

Let's begin: As you know in season 2 of the series in the endings of every episode you cab see a cryptogram with codes in numbers and a drawing that contact with the episode. What in some cryptograms you maybe didn't see, was the other drawings in the sides:

If you put all the cryptograms from season 2 to a one picture that way the sides drawing will match you will get this:

Now let's analysis this picture:

1. We can see that the 6 pieces are missing to complete the picture, so it's mean that after more 6 episoedes the second season will be completed. Also there 21 piecesin the picture and the 1 season had 20 episoeds so that make sense that in the 2 season will be 21 episoeds.

2. We can see that the characters in the picture are Stanford and Stanley Pines, as we know they had a big argument and they start to not like each other, and also their abilities are sort of opposites: Stanford is smart and Stanley is strong. So maybe they will had a bid fight in the end that maybe even kill someone.

3. If we look close, we can see a triangle behind Stanly, and in the end of the 15 episode Bill looked for someone to control his mind (and I know that it can be just who is outside the mystery shack, but maybe stan will do something stupid that let Bill control him). This could be the reason of the fight that I said in the second section.

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