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If you're like me and every year don't know what to wear on Halloween day, then I found the perfect solution for you! Two words: Hot Topic! I bet you know this site. It's an amazing place for every movie or TV fan to shop anything they want and if you're looking for halloween stuff to buy, then you came to the right place. Watch the video below:

Amazing right? You can literally find anything you want for your Halloween costume! I took a look at this awesome site and I found some pretty cool stuff! Check below:

1. Pop Culture

From Doctor Who to Tokyo Ghoul this section has everything for a TV fan! Do you want to dress like the 11th Doctor? No problem! Just click here and pick the accesories you want! Also don't forget to look the full section here.

2. Heroes and Villains

What about Harley Quinn? I'm sure you're gonna look great in this costume! I know! You want Batman, right? Well all you need to do is click here and I'm sure you'll find what you'll looking for.

3. Star Wars

Ok, I got it! You want something more spacey- wacey right? I found the perfect section for you! Star Wars costumes! How cool is that? Click here.

4. Dark and Scary

I knew you wanted something scarier! What about Twisty the Clown? I know you remember him from last year's American Horror Story. Pretty scary, ha? Great costume for you, just click here.

5. Groups and Couples

Oh I get it now! You want to dress up something with your girlfriend right? or boyfriend? Sorry the connection is a little bit timey- wimey here... Where were we? Oh right! Don't worry you will find everything you like here.

6. Masks

Ok, here's the final section. I bet you want something simple, so I found these awesome masks! Click here for more.

I hope you enjoyed the trip to the store with me and also I hope I helped you decide who or what you want to be for this Halloween, even if it was from here!


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