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Scroll down far enough on your Facebook timeline, and you're likely to see at least one article about an endearing photo series where people go to great lengths to recreate their childhood photos, parents recreate their kids' selfies, or dress their dogs up in wigs to recreate celebrity glamour shots. The latest addition to this mostly adorable fad comes from the Instagram account of Scream Queens star and modern horror's original "Final Girl", Jamie Lee Curtis, who decided to salute her mother in a particularly unique way.

Curtis is the daughter of actress Janet Leigh, most notably remembered by her stunning performance in PSYCHO, an iconic film in horror history. As a nod to her mother -- who won a Golden Globe for her performance, and was nominated for an Oscar -- Curtis decided to recreate the iconic shot of Leigh shrieking in the shower before her bloody murder.

The actress also dropped a Scream Queens bomb, confessing that the nod will actually take place in the series, though the outcome is yet to be revealed:

Just recreated, with help from the amazing crew, a shot by shot of my mother's famous shower scene from Hitchcock's PSYCHO for @screamqueensfox Ryan Murphy and co. wrote it into a special episode and it felt right!

You can catch Curtis back in action on MTV's Scream Queens, which premieres on September 22nd.


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