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Batman Begins

Christian Bale's found the Batman suit so uncomfortable that it helped his performance as the Dark Knight, as he was constantly in a foul mood when wearing it.

Christian Bale revealed in an interview that in his first ever scene with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman (the one involving Brcue Wayne waking up in bed to find them waiting there), he actually fell asleep. Christian Bale described waking up to find Michael Caine poking him, saying "Look at that! He's bloody fallen asleep".

While shooting on the streets of Chicago, a person accidentally crashed into the Bat-mobile. The driver was apparently drunk, and said he believed the Dark Knight's vehicle to be an invading alien spacecraft.

When Christian Bale and Liam Neeson were filming on the frozen lake, they said they could hear the ice cracking beneath their feet. The next day of shooting, the lake was completely melted.

Before the shooting began, Christopher Nolan invited the whole of the Batman Begins film crew to a private screening of Blade Runner. After the film, Christopher Nolan said to the whole crew, "This is how we're going to make Batman."

Only days before the role of Batman was cast, eight actors were asked to audition for the part. The actors were Christian Bale, Joshua Jackson, Eion Bailey, Hugh Dancy, Billy Crudup, Cillian Murphy, Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Despite Christian Bale receiving the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, Christopher Nolan liked Murphy's audition so much, that he then cast Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow.

In an interview, Christian Bale said that he became interested in playing Batman after a friend of his gave him the graphic novel "Arkham Asylum" in 2000. After he read it, he told his agent that if anyone was making another Batman movie, he wanted the part.

Dark Knight

In Sir Michael Caine's opinion, Heath Ledger beat the odds and topped Jack Nicholson's Joker from the original Batman movie (1989):

Jack was like a clown figure. He could be funny and make you laugh. Heath's gone in a completely different direction to Jack, he's like a really scary psychopath. He's a lovely guy and his Joker is going to be a hell of a revelation in this picture.

Sir Michael Caine bases this belief on a scene where the Joker pays a visit to Bruce Wayne's penthouse. He'd never actually met Heath Ledger before, so when Heath Ledgers Joker arrived and performed his part, he gave Sir Michael Caine such a scare, that he actually forgot his lines.

In preparation for his role as The Joker, Heath Ledger hid away in a motel room for around six weeks. During this stay, Heath Ledger delved deep into the psychology of the character. He devoted himself to developing The Joker's every action, namely the voice and the laugh.

For the voice, Ledger's goal was to create a tone that didn't echo the work of Jack Nicholson the Joker in 1989's Batman.

Heath Ledger directed both of the homemade videos that the Joker sends to GCN himself. The first video involving the fake Batman was done under Christopher Nolan's supervision.

Christopher Nolan thought Ledger had done so well with that sequence, he felt there was no need for him to be there when it came time to film the scene where reporter Mike Engel reads the Joker's statement. He put his trust in Ledger and let him do whatever he wanted, and when Nolan received the footage for the second recording sequence, he was ultimately pleased with the result, and put it straight into the movie.

The first film ever to be ranked #1 on the IMDb within two days of its theatrical release. And Ultimately placed in the at #4 of All-time! Meaning it is also the #1 Superhero film of All-Time!

The Dark Knight made more money than Batman Begins (2005)'s entire domestic run in only 6 days of release. Batman Begins made $205 Million domestically in it's total run, whilst The Dark Knight made $222 Million domestically in 6 days, and made $533 Million domestically in its total run.

Dark Knight Rises

About a year before the film's release, Christopher Nolan mentioned he was considering using a mixture of CGI and deleted scenes from The Dark Knight (2008) to have the Joker appear briefly in The Dark Knight Rises. Then Christopher Nolan ultimately decided that it was disrespectful to Heath Ledger.

In the early minutes of each film in the trilogy, the main villain disguises himself as one of his own henchmen. Ra's Al Guhl was disguied during Bruce Waynes training, the Joker was disguised as a henchman during a bank heist, and Bane was disguised as a henchman on a small plane.

In all three movies, Batman repeats a line of dialogue spoken to him by one of the villains. In Batman Begins, he tells Ra's Al Guhl that he "Never Minded his surrounding", in The Dark Knight, he says "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, which Harvey Dent told Bruce Wayne, and in this film, he tells Bane, "You have my permission to die."

Bruce Waynes reply with "No you're not", to Selina Kyle when she says she's sorry that he lost his fortune was ad-libbed by Christian Bale, and Christopher Nolan was impressed with it, and kept in the movie.

Tom Hardy was so excited at playing a batman villain, that he accepted the role of Bane without reading the script. He was verbally told that he would have access to extensive stunt training and equipment that he could enjoy knocking around, in practice for the fights against Batman.

While doing promotional interviews for the film Tom Hardy stated that the most difficult parts of the movie to shoot were the fight scenes. Not because of the physicality of them, but because he was such a huge Batman fan growing up, Tom Hardy stated that said:

It felt like I was beating up my childhood hero.

However he also said that despite his worship of the character, the moment Christopher Nolan yelled 'action', Tom Hardy just started throwing punches as hard as he could.

Anne Hathaway has said that she desperately wanted the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and was a complete nervous wreck after her audition. The first time her agent phoned after her screen test, he said he had good news and asked if Hathaway was sitting down. Hathaway immediately screamed "I'm Catwoman!" and ran around the room in a frenzy.

Unfortunately, her agent had to calm the actress down. In actual fact, he had called to let her know that she'd been invited to host the Academy Awards. Anne Hathaway has said she was so shocked she went numb at the offer. Then later, her agent phoned again to let her know that she had been offered the part of Selina Kyle/Catwoman as well. Then, just like last time, she immediately screamed "I'm Catwoman!" and ran around the room in a frenzy.


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