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Although I'm just coming off of a 5 (6) day marathon of writing articles for the 5 Day TV Challenge I was challenged to take part in the hopefully 5 Day Gaming Challenge. Also they say if you want to be great at something you have to practice a lot, and I don't want to be, I don't even need to be, I will be a great writer. So once again we move to another 5 day challenge and like my previous ones, which if you haven't read you can start with day 1 here, here is a list of the challenges:

  • Day 1: Game that brings on gamer rage
  • Day 2: Best multiplayer game
  • Day 3: Longest binge on one game
  • Day 4: Game you play over and over
  • Day 5: Game that should get re-released/ get a sequel

Mobile gaming doesn't get a whole lot of respect among the gaming community. There's a whole list of reasons for that some but not limited to:

  • 1. Most of them are the same either concept or control wise,
  • 2. The free games are pretty much impossible to win without money, which compares to a game that you can't win without constantly purchasing DLC packs. Which is kind of understandable since they sell most games for like a dollar to ten dollars.
  • 3. All the games you really want to play require an industrial strength cell phone just to play without glitches or lag.
  • 4. Next game system generations come out every 5-6 years, new phones come out every year and a new phone os come out every two.
  • 5. It's literally always a waiting game. Either you don't have any energy left or you're waiting for crops to grow. Whatever it is it just takes forever. Hours of waiting.

Still there's always a good chance to find an extremely enjoyable game. I like mobile games but I'm not about to pay for them especially when my amazing awesome tablet is iffy when it comes to game support. I tried to play Ultimate Spider-man, the Subway Surferesque multiverse Spider-man game, and all it did was lag to where it was nearly unplayable and it could be the game but it could just as well be my tablet. With all that said, the game that brings me the most gamer rage is.

I love the Walking Dead. I haven't gotten to read a whole lot of comics but I have read every single Walking Dead comic. I love the comic series even more than the show which I also love. I've played the Telltale games which were amazing stories although the choices seem kind of unnecessary at times. If you make a choice it really doesn't matter a whole lot when you get to certain points or cutscenes, that girl still shoots that girl in the face, that guy still kills the other guy and so on and so forth, but I still love it. When I found Walking Dead: Road to Survival I knew it was something I needed to download.

The premise for the game is that your small group joins the Woodbury gang right before the Governor gets there and you stay there eventually leading Woodbury long after he is shot in the face. If you've ever wondered what happens to the Woodbury crew once they try to take on Rick's group at the prison this is a fun way to follow their story even if it's probably not "canon".

Why I Rage:

This game suffers from numbers 2 and 5 of the above list. You have to buy coins to get the best characters and the best stuff. It's a sucky fact but you know, you stick it out. I also believe you get coins from completing areas but I'm not completely sure. Also you have to wait for wood and crops to grow in order for you to upgrade your characters to be better. Which is a disappointment because that means you have to do the same levels over and over again before you could move forward so it's a huge waiting game. It's nice that you at least get supplies every time you go through a level so it's not all bad.

As for non-annoyed rage though when you're in the middle of a battle you're so sure you're going to go through it easily but then there comes one of the stronger zombies. There are four types Alert, Strong, Fast and Shielded and it goes in a rectangle of power in that order too. Alert beats Strong, Strong beats Fast, Fast beats Shielded, Shielded beats Alert. Sometimes though you think all you have to do is make a team to combat those types but if you don't make a team strong enough it does nothing but if you make a team strong enough even with the negative attribute it can still decimate the enemies. That confuses me because I'm used to Pokemon and combating fire types with water types not just a stronger leaf type.

The last note I want to mention is the raiding and this goes apart of the waiting too. Nothing is more annoying than waiting hours for wood to upgrade your buildings but right before you get to it you get raid messages telling you that people have raided your town and stole the wood and/or food you needed. You have to figure out whether you should just upgrade whatever building you can so you don't lose the wood you do have or save it and wait for the new wood to come to upgrade the most important building. Honestly though as annoying as that is I think it's really adding a sense of realism to the game because in a zombie apocalypse things won't just go like clockwork there are going to be a lot of unforeseen variables and you have to face them head on. For that reason alone I just rage out and not rage quit.


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