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While Salt Lake City Comic Con is still a fairly new con, it is not slowing down in its growing popularity. In the past they have brought in many big names, including Stan Lee who called it "the greatest comic con in the world", many of the Doctor Who cast, and Stephen Amell from Arrow to name a few. Becoming more popular and wanting to go big, producers Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg have once again garnered a group of A-List celebrities with which to wow the fans of Salt Lake.

Agent Carter and Captain America
Agent Carter and Captain America

At the top of the list is Chris Evans, most recently the star of Marvel movies such as Captain America. Arriving only for one day, fans were quick to show their excitement with his photo ops and autographs selling out within five minutes. Hayley Atwell, who played Agent Carter in many of the Marvel movies and received her own show, teased on twitter a number of times that she would be joining him before she was officially announced last week.

Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

While he won't be making an appearance on Saturday, fans were also pleased when the announcement came that Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky Barnes, would be making an appearance on Friday. His popularity was shown when his photo ops and autographs sold out within just a few hours.

Falcon will soar
Falcon will soar

The cast of characters was rounded out when it was announced that Anthony Mackie, Falcon, would also be flying into Salt Lake to join his co-stars on Saturday.

Even with the cast of Captain America coming, there is so much for the fans of Salt Lake to look forward to, including a voice-over acting panel, Ian Somerhalder, Jenna Coleman and Sean Astin just to name a few of the stars.

It seems as though Dan and Bryan have no intention of slowing down, and the fans could not be happier.

UPDATE: Chris Evans is appearing on Friday as well

Salt Lake Comic Con will take place September 24th-26th. Limited tickets are still available at link below.

Salt Lake Comic Con


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