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I've always had a love for horror movies—it's by far my favorite genre—but never did I think that I could do the likes of the makeup you see in the movies. But last year (September 2014) as encouraged by my cousin Francine I joined a makeup course along with her that promised to teach such skills as beauty makeup, face and body paint, airbrush makeup and theatrical and special effects makeup. Although the course was a bit of let down as it only touched on all of these different aspects briefly, I had purchased a kit worth £300 that came with SFX (special effects) products.

I started to play around with the kit and watch some YouTube tutorials. within a week I was hooked! I was absolutely fascinated at how you could be so creative with makeup. By Halloween of last year I had everyone asking me to do their makeup. It was a great way to practice, as I was only used to trying it out on myself.

I continued to practice at home when I could and was able to complete all assignments at college even though I struggled at times with working full time and doing the course part time. Since then, I've worked on many different and creative projects both within groups and on my own. I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot at a Game of Thrones location and included the wolves from the show.

I've worked on the Sister Act theatre production, West Side Story, Eternal Love, the short movie Fractured City and Who Nose Me Better. I've worked with many different photographers in creating my own creative pieces. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the top makeup artists in the industry and want to continue to learn and grow in hopes that this will be a full-time venture one day. In the meantime I'll look forward to Halloween this year! and

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