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So since the release on dvd we have all been watching and re-watching Guardians looking for the one Easter Egg that director James Gunn as been teasing us latelty about someone almost touching on it and that it is there and out there.

Well here is my theory is this is it the fact there are seven infinty stones in total and the fact we see nemesis tare himself apart and split himself into what we believe is the six infinity gems that we know the soul gem, power gem, time gem, space gem, reality gem and the mind gem but lest we forget the seventh and lesser known ego gem.. before i go any further here is my pics...

as the orb rolls away from Peter Quill it rolls across a tile which reveals a being fighting no one and what seems to surround six stones with one in the middle. could this show the entity known as Nemesis ripping himself apart creating the six infinity gems and the secret seveth. this tile could also show the rebirth of this being.

In the marvel universe it was said that Nemesis was the huminoid sentient form of the infinty gems till it willed its own destruction giving birth to the infinty gems, The five gems were scattered throughout the Ultraverse, the being known as Lord Pumpkin would gain possession of the Power Gem, which granted him power beyond belief. The being known as Hardcase would come to possess the Time Gem. He would try to save his team with the gem by creating an alternate timeline, where they would not die in battle. The half-brother Loki of the Asgardian Thor, somehow crossed over into the Ultraverse and claimed all six Infinity Gems. He was approached by the Elder of the Universe known as Grandmaster, who attempted to trick him out of the gems. The Grandmaster wagered the unknown seventh gem, which became known as the Ego Gem for the other six gems. The Avengers were selected by the Grandmaster as his team of Chapions. Loki selected the Ultraforce as his team. Loki eventually won the wager by using the Reality Gem and was granted the seventh gem, which was linked to the Eternal Sersi. When she came into contact with Loki the two of them merge together reuniting all the gems and recreating Nemesis.

well what you think???


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