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For me, Metal Gear Solid is the greatest game franchise ever made. Spanning over 28 years with the genius of Hideo Kojima pulling all the strings. On September 1st we were graced with the "masterpiece" that is Metal Gear Solid V; The Phantom Pain. The game is an all round marvel in terms of storytelling, visuals, gameplay and overall length. What way better to celebrate these games rather than ranking the best 20 characters!

20. Roy Cambell

You may remember Roy Cambell from MGS: 1, 2 and 4. Roy Campbell was a former U.S. Army Colonel in command of special forces group FOXHOUND. He was Raiden's commanding officer in Metal Gear Solid 4 and you may remember Meryl who is his daughter.

19. Major Zero

Major Zero is the original commander of CIA Special Forces Unit FOX (Force Operation X). After Zero became a founding member of the Patriots along with Big Boss, the two friends would later develop a bitter enmity.It's hard to know whether to like Zero or not in the franchise, but one thing is for sure and that is sheer importance. The Metal Gear story starts and ends with Zero, a complex man with a lot of bad decisions behind him.

18. Eva

Eva, later known as Big Mama is a vital character in both Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4. She is insanely important as she became the surrogate mother for Solid and Liquid Snake. As Big Mama she went through great lengths to find Big Bosses body along with Snake and Raiden.

17. The End

Probably one of the most tedious bosses in all the Metal Gear games comes in MGS3: Snake Eater. His intense sniping skills gives for a lengthy mission. Little easter egg is if you change your date to years ahead on your console and come back he will be dead of old age.. Oh Kojima.

16. Vamp

Vamp was an ex-member of Dead Cell with vampire-like attributes who appears in both Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4. After a knife fight with Raiden, Vamp had become weakened due to his nanomachines being weakened previously by Solid Snake after being injected with a nanomachine suppressor. He is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and he is a tough dude to kill.

15. Colonel Volgin

One of the main bosses in MGS3 is a very hard foe to fight. His sheer strength and electricity make him a really tough boss, but a worth opponent to Big Boss.

14. Otacon

Hal Emmerich a.k.a Otacon is the voice of reason and judgement for Solid Snake. He is a really trustworthy friend and partner for Snake (unlike his dad) and stayed with Snake until the very end.

13. Psycho Mantis

A pivotal villain in the Metal Gear Universe who possesses mental abilities that makes him a real burden on Snake. His mind-bending fight's challenge a players with and patience more than any other villain in both Metal Gear Solid 1 and 4.

12. Solidus Snake

Solidus was the third "Son of Big Boss" created by the Patriots in 1972, through somatic cell cloning, as part of the Les Enfants Terribles project. He was also the 43rd American president in the franchise. He is the main villain in Metal Gear Solid 2 who fights Raiden and is ultimately defeated.

11. Skullface

The main villain of the latest Metal Gear Solid, Skullface is a badass leader whose plan for taking over the world is a frighteningly cruel and intimidating one. His voice is eerily soothing as he talks evil ways. He is a good tactician and has the backing of thousands of soldiers behind him.

10. Kaz Miller

Partner of Big Boss, Kaz Miller aided Snake in Operation Peace Walker over telecommunications and he also was a huge character in MGS5: The Phantom Pain. He is a conflicted man that's very skeptical of who he trusts. A complex man who ultimately is a good man and want's to end war.

9. Grey Fox

Fox was Solid Snake's comrade-in-arms and friend during the Outer Heaven Uprising, but his loyalty to renegade commander Big Boss forced him into combat with Snake during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance. Fox survived his injuries following an intense battle, after which he was forcibly outfitted with a powered exoskeleton and subjected to intensive gene therapy. He later confronted Snake as a neutral force during the Shadow Moses Incident, in the guise of the Cyborg Ninja, before dying at the hands of Liquid Snake and Metal Gear REX.

8. Liquid Snake

A clone of Big Boss, Liquid Snake is a inferior version of the legend himself. He has a major hatred for Big Boss as a father and from then on wants to kill him. He is ultimately defeated in Metal Gear Solid due to a anti-climatic death due to the FOXDIE virus.

7. DD

If you've been playing Phantom Pain, then you are most definitely in love with DD your dog companion that helps you scout out where enemies and even killing them. He is your buddy on the battlefield and becomes part of the Diamond Dogs family that you go through in the game.

6. Raiden

For those who aren't fans of Raiden, I demand you go back to Metal Gear Solid 4 and relive how much of a total badass he is. The half-cyborg soldier is a great help to snake in Guns of The Patriots even if he was a tad lame in MGS2.

5. The Boss

The tragic story of the Boss is a tough one, but she ultimately is a hero and the true trainer of Naked Snake. She pays a sad death she knows she has to do and goes down in history as a traitor when we know she was a hero.

4. Quiet

Quiet is an insanely well wrote character for MGS5 and proves an instant hit. She is a strong, skilled soldier whose relationship with Snake is an interesting and amazing one to watch. She is a true badass and a great buddy to have out with you on the battlefield.

3. Ocelot

Ocelot is probably the most complex character in all this story. He ducks and dives between sides but he is a great character nonetheless. I grew to really love him in the Phanton Pain as he aids Snake through the game.

2. Solid Snake

The true clone of Big Boss, Solid Snake is a fantastic character and soldier. Some people might put him number one because he is amazing, but for me there is only one true snake..

1. Big Boss

The ultimate soldier, Naked Snake a.k.a Big Boss. He is the CQC expert that has saved countless people and killed countless enemies. He is a tough cookie and definitely one of the greatest gaming characters ever.

What do you think guys. Do you agree? Who's your favorite, comment below! Follow me too!


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