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As apart of the 5 day gaming challenge, I have decided to make my choice of the best multiplayer game Left 4 Dead. While it may seem like there's nothing special about this game, you practically can't survive without help from your friend(s). In this game, you kill all sorts of zombies with everything from machine guns to fire axes, and you're in constant competition with whoever you're playing with! If your friend gets hurt too much to move on, you have to heal them, or vise-versa, all while trying to kill more zombies, doing the most damage to the "Tanks" and the "Witches," keeping the rest of your party alive, and making your way to the exit of the map. Is working together not your style? OK then, how about one of you be the zombies? That's right, there's a mode on this game that pits friend against friend, letting one choose from all the different classes of zombies to try and destroy the other gamers. And it's almost double the fun hunting down the people than it is the zombies! Long story short, there's no connection greater than when you can tell your best friend one word, "Witch," and you both know to turn your flashlights off and use a pipe-bomb on the abomination, all while keeping an organized military formation designed for maximum damage. So what do you think, could Left 4 Dead be the best multiplayer game to play with a friend? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Be sure to follow the rest of my 5 day gaming challenge! Tomorrow's category is the longest binge on one game!


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