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Let's get down to business: actress Jamie Chung is officially returning to the role of fan favorite character Mulan for the upcoming season of ABC's Once Upon a Time. Sleeping Warrior fans, rejoice! Sort of!

The last time we saw the pensive young warrior, Mulan had run off with Robin Hood's band of merry men after discovering that her best friend and long-time love, Princess Aurora -- better known as Sleeping Beauty, as portrayed by Sarah Bolger -- was pregnant with the child of Prince Phillip, played by Julian Morris. Alas, when worlds collide, not everyone is given a happy ending.

But now, Mulan is returning with gusto, and she'd settling into Storybrooke just in time to take on (or talk down) the Dark Swan; Emma's new persona that's been taken over by Dark Magic.

While details of Aurora's return remain scarce, and there's no talk around what Mulan will actually be up to during the season, Chung has already admitted that she'd return in a heartbeat to continue the plotline between the two. "Are you kidding me? I think it would be really disappointing to leave the audience with this giant question mark," Chung told E! Online. "I would go back in a heartbeat."


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