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Many people loved the Dark knight and in fact in my opinion its the best movie even for 2015.But there are always those things that the genius known as Christopher Nolan leaves out.So today i will tell you a theory of the brilliant Heath Ledger's joker and how he was originally a Swat Officer!

Jack Neaper was originally a Swat officer working on a local mission as usual.However that is until he did not realize that he was bringing with him dynamite and alot of it,about 4 grand of it.The reason is that the government did not want anything to do with it so they just said ''whatever we don't care''.So Jack is driving the truck until his pals come along next to the truck in a police car and signal to stop the truck but of course he does not understand.While he is looking at his friends he does not realize what hes driving into...a car.The Truck smashes into the car and boom went the dynamite.2 years after the incident Jack finally left the hospital but turns out his face was burned and he went psycho.He killed the doctor and plastered makeup all over his face and that began the Joker.What makes this theory plausible is that in the Joker and Mob scene we see Joker smash Gambol's bodyguard's head onto a pencil in a quick way.This is not possible on a regular human with no martial arts experience what so ever.The next reason why this theory is plausible is..well think abut it,after the incident with the dynamite the government did not want to get sued so they burned Jack's ID number etc.That's why Gordan could not find any ID such as Dental or clothing.The next reason is on the truck chase scene.We see Joker handling many weapons such as Rocket launcher,m16 Revolver.Most of those weapons could not be used by a regular human and therefore it shows that Jack took many years in SWAT on holding and using weapons.Also,he knows how to drive a truck which connects to the truck driving with the dynamite.He not only can drive the truck but can maneuver the truck into curving and such.Another reason why he may have been a Swat officer is he is a explosives expert and there is no way that any human can master explosives.All of these pieces combine very easily.A Swat officer can master explosives,can learn martial arts as shown with his final battle with batman,and a swat officer can learn weaponry and driving.This also explains why he causes chaos in the world.It seems as though he later found out that the government had something to do with his accident and therefore he is pissed off and avenges from the grave to take revenge.


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