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In recent development a bunch of deleted scenes from [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) has made its way to the internet. This is exciting news for any big time fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you are counted among this crowd then I would definitely suggest watching them (one version can be viewed HERE). In these clips we get a glimpse of all the fun and excitement that (personally as a fan) would have made the movie all the more entertaining. Some of these clips shed light on what was happening before and between scenes as well as gives a little more background on a few of the characters.

Comments from Joss Whedon's have already informed us that a lot of footage had to be taken out from the original cut of Age of Ultron in order to minimize the movie's screen time. However, a large part of these scenes would eventually become special features on the Avenger: Age of Ultron DVD which isn't set to release until October 2nd (Click HERE to read more about Joss Whedon's first cut). Another big bummer for many fans is that Whedon has no plans for a directors cut so these deleted scenes are all we have to fill us in on the small things that are happening in the background (Click HERE to see an interview with Whedon).

In this article I will be talking about the scenes portrayed in the video I hyperlinked at the beginning and also talk about what they mean.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Sokovia

The Maximoff twins
The Maximoff twins

The first deleted scene we see is of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch back in Sokovia. Quicksilver, evidently, has been playing Robin Hood by running around the world, steeling stuff, and bringing it back to the poor folks of Sokovia. These items range anywhere from medication, a ball for some kids, and a French made dress for a lady he was eyeing. Scarlet Witch then comes on the scene and criticizes Pietro by asking "Is every girl in Sokovia getting a dress from Paris?". Pietro retaliates by telling her she's jealous for not getting one. Wanda then gets on him about stealing and how he's going to get himself shot. Pietro comes back on how he's waiting and has nothing better to do and that they should have taken care of Stark when they had the chance. Then suddenly a boy comes on scene, who apparently is the kid brother of someone the Maximoffs know, and says he was in the church and the man wanted to see the twins. When Wanda asked him what man, the boy replied "The iron man".

From watching the movie you would realize that this would be the scene right before the twins go to the church to find Ultron draped in his crimson cowl.

This is one of the more intriguing scenes because it gives the viewer a more in-depth look at the town and people of Sokovia and also gives more background and a better feel on who Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are. Another great thing about this scene is that it explains why the twins went to the church in the first place which is something the movie barley touched on.

Inside Avenger's Tower

Avenger's Meeting
Avenger's Meeting

The next scene starts out with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner inside Avenger's Tower analyzing Ultron and trying to figure out why he is acting the way he is. This is a great clip because it further explains Ultron's programming, behavior and why he's doing what he's doing. Stark talks about how they programmed him with certain features but they didn't program him to go insane and kill people. Banner replies that they told Ultron to solve the world. For people who already knew about Ultron as a character from the comics this wouldn't seem like a very important scene, but for those who don't know anything about him, this is a great way to understand what Ultron's true objective is and realize that Stark and Banner in fact did not make their own worst enemy.

Once Stark and Banner's conversation ends the clip moves into a more familiar scene were Steve is talking to Agent Hill about Ultron's recent activities. This is the same scene from the movie just unedited and played through with little to no pauses. The only new part from here is a small conversation with War-Machine who is trying to keep countries from blaming each other for Ultrons attacks.

Black Widow and Hulk

Bruce and Natasha
Bruce and Natasha

This is also the same scene you see in the movie for the most part only unedited. Bruce and Natasha are having a conversation at the farm house by the bathroom only this is a bit more lengthy version. One part that varies from the movie version is at one point the two start to talk about their dead people. For Banner, this isn't something he can let go and he needs to make sure he rights his wrongs. For Natasha, part of her wants to run away and start over new so that she can forget her past.

Thor and the Reflecting Pool

Thor in the well
Thor in the well

In the movie we see Thor enter a "reflecting well" which is one of nine. We do not see much happen in this cave except for a few trippy visions that Thor has. In this deleted scene we get to see a whole lot more of what he was doing in there and we also get a bit more of an explanation on what this well is.

To start off, Thor is back at the university asking Erik Selvig to join him on his dangerous mission. This is when we get a good explanation from Thor about the well that isn't in the movie. He goes on to explain that this is a well were he can contact the Norns. In Marvel comics, the Norns are 3 goddesses of destiny who oversee the fates of everyone in the nine realms. In the past Thor and many others have contacted the Norns for their wisdome (To read more about the Norns click HERE). This is a really cool reference because we get to see how extensive Marvel has gone into the world of Thor that they just haven't told us about yet. It's fun to think what other secrets they must be hideing.

Once Thor and Selvig find their way into the cave Thor explains that the well needs an offering of life. From this he decides to enter the well in order for the Norns to feed off his life. Once in the well Thor becomes possessed, his eyes glaze over, and he begins to talk in a different voice. Selvig stands on the side of the well and begins to question the demon that is in Thor about how to defeat Ultron. The Norms communicate back to Selvig about how a sacrifice of life is needed and how the infinity stones are playing a role in this mayhem. They also talk a bit on the dangers they posses.

In Conclusion

After watching theses scenes it is easy to see why Joss Whedon took some of these scenes out. A few of them would have been nice to see, especially the ones that dove more into the background of the characters, but they are reasonable enough to go on without. It is also easy too see how some parts of these scenes would have conveyed a message that would become repetitive if they stayed in the movie. For example, through out the movie the Infinity Gems were mentioned on multiple occasions which lead for some cool foreshadowing for future movies. However, many of the well scenes portrayed the same message. This message would have become more repetitive which could possibly have been the reason for this scene to be cut off.

For this particular article I only dove into 4 of the deleted scenes, which are viewable via YouTube. They're are many more to come and probably a lot more out there on the internet that I have overlooked. Regardless, if you are not one of the lucky people to be picking up a copy of Age of Ultron in the next 2 weeks, there are a few that can be seen right now. I am sure, however, in the near future there is going to be many more out there to see.


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