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Director from "Pitch Perfect 2"to Direct the "Reboot" for Charlie's Angels

SONY is planning to reboot the Charlie's Angels Franchise. Last we heard from that franchise was in 2003 when Charlie's Angel: Full Throttle was released. It grossed some 260M against the budget of 120M(which was less than the First Part), also receiving lukewarm reviews.

Now the latest news we are getting from Hollywood Reporter is Sony are rebooting the film with Elizabeth Banks both producing with her producing partner and husband Max Handelman and the studio are in negotiation with her to direct the film as the studio is still searching the Writer.

As a Director, Banks has just freshly directed "Pitch Perfect 2" which grossed a whooping 285M against the budget of modest 29M with glowing Positive reviews. It is evident that SONY doesn't want to miss the opportunity and straight away giving Miss. Banks a major franchise's reboot.

As for Miss Banks, She has starred in her own "Pitch Perfect 2" and Next We will see her in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2,”

Is Ms. Banks good choice for this Reboot??

Well, I say Yes. I saw her "Pitch Perfect 2" and was expecting same thing which they did in "Pitch Perfect". And I guess somewhat it was, But her Direction elevated the movie for me at least. It also seems that she brings out Best from the Actors. So, Yeah I can see this happen Successfully. But Beware People don't want 3 chick secret Agent-wannabe. People want more like Crime Drama Action, I think that was missing in the previous Franchise. And that's what made the Television Series really Successful. So, Ms. banks please go down to roots. That's where the success lies.


What do you think of Elizabeth banks directing Reboot of Charlie's Angel??


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