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After some struggling to figure out my thoughts, I'm finally able to put them into words, but this purely my opinion.

I came across Vampire Academy, the novel, while in the midst of reading Twilight. I wasn't sure what to expect considering Twilight had let me down a little. When I first read Twilight, I had thought that Bella was such a relatable character, until I read The Vampire Academy. Rose Hathaway is a much more relatable character than Bella Swan will ever be. Rose holds this dynamic about her that allows her to learn from her mistakes, but still manage to be a bad ass at the end of the day. I saw a lot of myself in Rose merely for the over-protectiveness she had for Lissa.

When I first heard that The Vampire Academy was going to be made into a movie, I got really excited. I had dabbled in my down time from school with the idea of actually writing a script myself, because that's how much I loved the series. I wanted to see it come to life on screen and if finally was going to happen. I wasn't expecting the movie to give off such a different feel from the books. Then again, considering the writers and directors of the film were the same brothers who wrote Mean Girls, I should have expected at least something Mean Girl worthy in there.

Yes, I do understand that everyone has their own interpretation of texts when it comes to adapting a film from a book. Yes, I also understand that a film is simply based off of a book and is not usually meant to be the book; however, at the same time I wholeheartedly believe that if you were take a beloved series and turn it into a film you would want to make sure the fan base from the written series is attracted to the film series.

Films based from books are meant to draw in new fans and generate more revenue for a series in the long run.

For me as a reader of the series, I was honestly expecting the film to at least embody the basic story line. Instead, the film fell a little flat to me based on two main reasons.

Reason number one was the way the film was marketed. I solely believe that had the marketing team done a much better job at trying to sell the movie as the story line it was based off of instead of a Mean Girls: Vampire Addition it would have done so much better. Marketing a film is key to success because if you can't market the film the right way, then it will tank in the box office considerably. Sure, The Vampire Academy had the majority of the book fans go and see it, which was good. Except, the job of the marketing team is to appeal to a greater audience. Unfortunately, not many people are into watching vampire films after the Twilight debacle, which is understandable; however, had the marketing team done a much better job they could have generated a ton of new fans for the series simply based on the film alone.

Reason two goes hand in hand with reason one. The second main reason that this movie fell flat to me was because of the overall writing of the story line. Again, I'm not picking fun at the way Mark Waters wrote and directed the film. But each director/writer has their own distinctive styles. Mr. Waters' style tends to be rather comedic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sarcastic comedy being flung around left and right throughout a movie, but there is also a thing called overkill. Now, the book series is full of Rose's sarcastic, witty comments, yes. And Mark Waters is really talented in bringing it to life. Mean Girls being a prime example of his work. Except, instead of focusing on the meat of the story line that the author of the series worked so hard on, Mr. Waters focused a little too much on the sarcastic, witty moments of Rose, which inadvertently created the plot of the movie to speed up a little too much in certain areas.

Of course, when adapting a book to film, there is always a chance that some parts will be cut due to not being needed, but as beloved fans of a series we always hope that it's nothing crucial to the story line itself.


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