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First things first, Fox how dare you! Passed on the greatest sitcom on TV, lost all the remaining respect some of us had for you. Hulu, thanks I guess, the second we figure out how to work your complicated system we’ll get to watching. Now to The Mindy Project. It feels like it’s been forever since we saw Danny jet off to India to meet Mindy’s parents and propose, for real this time. This season premiere is better than ever. It seems that with each season the show just gets funnier and funnier. Season 4 is the third and final season and it’s the last time we’ll be seeing Mindy and Danny. It’s heartbreaking just to think about it.

Judging by the great first episode, there are lots of great things to come. A reality where Danny and Mindy are not together is terrifying, but thank you Joseph Gordon-Levitt for making an appearance. Also, Sakina Jaffrey and Ajay Mehta thank you for playing Mindy’s parents, we appreciate your humor and talent. They’re a great new addition to the show and hopefully this isn’t the last time we’re seeing them.

Mindy and Danny’s love is undefeatable even with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the picture, just for second, and the promo is giving us all a heart attack with its greatness. If anything this just goes to show that Mindy Kaling is capable of making an amazing show without a major network backing it. It’s always been resting on her fantastic sense of her and great writing skills. Fox you’re the loser in this scenario because Season 4 is here and it’s perfect.


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