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Aiden Breau

granted, M.night has had his downs. but he has still made some great stuff. We cant forget about the amazing unsuspected twist he got everyone with in "The Sixth Sense" but i think he got most of us equally in "The Visit" the visit takes place as two children visit there grandparents house, to meet "nana" and "papa", whom they haven't met, whilst there mom is on a Caribbean cruise with her new boyfriend. The kids start noticing strange things. and are getting freaked out. Every time they Skype there mother, she always comes up with an excuse for them acting they way they were acting. Now when i first started watching this movie i remember thinking "oh its gonna be something dumb like. there was something in the water that was making them go crazy" i Quickly shot that idea down and immediately thought "maybe M.Night is just taking a break from his memorable twists?" of coarse i was wrong when they revealed that ( WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS) the so called "grandparents" were really just people from a mental institution, who killed there real grandparents so they could have one great night with there "Grandchildren", i feel like this is gonna be a hit and make allot of money at box office, hopefully putting M.Night back on the Roster with his crazy, surprising ,memorable twists. Tell me what you thought of "The Visit" down below.


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