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So I had the opportunity to screen the upcoming Paramount release Ashby, which to be honest I hadn’t even heard of until I was asked if I wanted to do a review on it. Ashby is a funny, well cast movie that has some surprising twist, and touching moments to go along with it. Ed (Nat Wolff) who is a lovable overachieving dork just trying to fit in, befriends Ashby (Mickey Rourke) a retired CIA Assassin who only has a few months left to live.

Mickey Rourke gives his classic stoic tough guy role but with a heart. His facial expressions are laughable at times but his portrayal of an aging assassin coming to terms with what he has done as well as passing on some life lessons to a nerdy kid who needed some help is well played in my eyes.

Nat Wolff in my opinion gave a great performance as well, which while not really expanding on his range from the previous two roles I saw him in (Fault in our Stars, and Papertowns), it showed me that he is a talented young actor who still has a lot to learn but in a few years I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him as one of the top young actors in Hollywood. Acting alongside Veteran actors Rourke and Kevin Dunn, he gives up little spot light and brings a presence to the screen to where I couldn’t wait to find out what weird thing he was going to say next.

Sarah Silverman plays Ed’s mother and if you know anything of her comedy styling or previous acting roles could be detrimental to any child no matter what their age, but although she was full on Sarah it was in a more subdued manner which works well with the tone of the movie which is billed as a comedy, drama, romance but it has more of a coming of age feel to it at times.

Emma Roberts plays Eloise who was another great casting choice; she is a very talented young actress who plays a quirky and smart best friend/love interest for Ed, and adds some very interesting and funny moments throughout the film.

The addition of Kevin Dunn, and John Enos III bring some pretty funny moments in supporting roles as the football coaches, but the rest of the cast for the most part is pretty forgettable in my eyes.

The film suffers at times from stale dialogue and some clunky action sequences, but makes up for that with plenty of laughs and some touching moments that make this a very enjoyable 143 minutes. Albeit with some colorful language and a few adult themed scenes I would recommend this movie to everyone 16 and up it gets a solid 7 out of 10 in my book.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Ashby hits theaters September 25th 2015 at a theater near you.


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