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When I was younger I was never a huge fan of DC, pretty much my whole family is Marvel fans but I have always had a soft spot for Batman and pretty much any none super powered hero like Arrow.

Earlier this year I began watching The Flash, let me start by saying I was one of those people that made fun of him and called him one of the worst heroes ever but after seeing the new version I am in love. If you follow Arrow and Flash you will know that they did a few cross overs.

At the end of one of the cross overs they say they have something to do before Barry goes home. They go to a warehouse and begin fighting but you never see who wins. In a later interview with both Stephen Armell and Grant Gustin the big question arose....

"Who would win in a fight, Arrow or The Flash?" While Stephen remained silent but grinned not giving an answer, Grant answered after a few seconds of complete silence. "Diggle."

So who would win? At that point in Barry's life I strongly believe that Oliver would win in the fight.

Allow me to explain my logic. He has stamina, and logic on his side. He is also skilled in hand to hand. Barry is mostly fast at this point, his fighting wouldn't be a hard for Oliver to beat. The Arrow is has a lot more experience fighting hand to hand then Flash does and on top of that At this point flash hasn't had to fist fight a lot and when he did he broke this hand...twice remember the episode with his bully? I love The Flash and he is one of my favorite characters in the DC universe but I think hands down Oliver would win.


Who would win?


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