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The first ever "Star Wars" plane has been unveiled by Boeing and Japanese air carrier ANA on Saturday. The 787-9 jet will take on the skies as our beloved R2-D2, this is the first of three "Star Wars" themed planes that will go into service this fall.

Besides the jet's livery the in-flight decorations are also inspired by my favorite galactic robot, passengers will be able to watch all six of the previous "Star Wars" movies from their seats -- the first time any of the films have been shown as in-flight entertainment.

ANA's partnership with Disney is part of efforts to build buzz for the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" later this year. The 215 seater jet will commence flights on the 18th of October serving the route of Tokyo-Vancouver.

After the Tokyo-Vancouver route, the R2-D2 Jet will fly between Japan and cities in the U.S., Europe, Australia, China and Indonesia, giving the opportunity for fans globally to board this much anticipated Boeing 787-9.

Next "Star Wars" themed plane in November

ANA's next plane to carry "Star Wars" to the skies will be a a Boeing 767-300 jet and the lively will be inspired by BB-8 the new droid being introduced in the anticipated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" which will serve domestic routes Japanese routes.


March 2016 will see the unveiling of another R2-D2 plane, this time a Boeing 777-300 ER, which will fly international routes between Japan and North America.

May the Force be in the skies with them


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