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Not too long ago, it was rumored that Furious 7's Jason Statham was in deep negotiations to appear as the villainous Bullseye on Daredevil Season 2. Once the story leaked, Statham allegedly dropped out, with many believing that the positive uproar wrecked negotiations.

While those negotiation fell through, fans shouldn't expect Statham to appear in Marvel's Cinematic Universe anytime soon. Statham burned that bridge when he took a swipe at the Marvel films, and criticized their use of green screens and special effects.

"I could take my grandma and put her in a cape, and they'll put her on a green screen, and they'll have stunt doubles come in and do all the action," Statham replied. "Anybody can do it."

Mark Ruffalo was the first to respond to the criticism, but ultimately used the opportunity to make light of the situation.

“I mean, do you really need to ask that question? It's Jason Statham,” Ruffalo joked. “He's like a featherweight. He's got nothing on me! Clearly.”

While Ruffalo joked about the situation, The Avengers star Paul Bettany (Vision) had some harsh words for the action star. While appearing on Conan, the host took a moment to bring up Statham's remarks. Bettany admitted he was aware of the remarks, but was confused as to why Statham would make them. Bettany seized the moment to praise Statham's abilities as an action star, but could not do the same for his acting abilities. Bettany took a swipe at Statham's acting abilities, and suggested that he should consider investing in an acting double.

"If there's a really, really tricky scene with some very tricky dialogue, one might consider bringing in an acting double for Jason Statham."

Source: Team Coco via, The Hollywood Reporter


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